Recording on Wyze Cam

Is it possible to stop and start recording when you want to? Or does it only do continuous recording? Is it possible to cut and edit those recorded files?

Are you talking about the motion clips, Or the recordings that are on the SD card ?

They are 2 separate things

Either one - I guess what I’m asking is, can I record for an hour and then stop it, rather than having 12 hours of footage that I don’t want/need? It would be ideal to have this stored on the SD card for memory because my phone doesn’t have that much space

We’re actually talking about three different things…

  1. Motion alert clips that are saved to the cloud... 12 second clips are saved at most every five minutes. Really not need to stop it since the cloud storage is free. But you can turn it off if you like in Settings > Alert Settings (tap the gear icon on the camera's live stream view).
  2. Recording to a microSD card installed in the camera. This can be set for continuous or event only recording. Install the card and set it up in Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Again, really no need to turn it off because when the card gets filled, the old video is deleted as needed.
  3. Recording to the phone by pressing the Record icon in the Live Stream view. (I think this is what the OP is referring to.) Answer: no, there is no timing mechanism available. It will continue to record to the phone's camera roll's Wyze album as long as the app is foreground or until you stop it.
I would recommend you install a mSD card in the camera (around $10). That way, you won't have to worry about space being used on your phone's memory.