Can I record videos and take pictures onto the cloud without a mSD card?

I know that when motion and/or sound detection is enabled, the wyze will record clips onto the cloud for 12 seconds up to 14 days, but can I use the ‘[video] record’ and ‘take photo’ buttons without using a microsd card? If so, do they save on the cloud and what’s the limit that I can save for videos and photos and for how long are they stored on the cloud?

Yes and no… When you tap the record or photo buttons, the app saves that video or photo to the Wyze album in the phone’s local photos app (ie, camera roll or gallery). If you have separately setup your phone to sync this album to the cloud, then yes, it would be in the cloud. Not the Wyze cloud, but your phone’s photos cloud.

For example, on iPhone, you can use iCloud Photo Library, which will sync all of your photos to iCloud. The amount and length of storage would only be limited by however you set that up.

That said, keep in mind that when you use the record button in the app, it requires the camera to be streaming constantly to the phone, works for one Wyze Cam at a time, and it requires the Wyze app to remain in the foreground. So if you switch to another app, the recording will stop.

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Thank you

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Yes. But don’t you still have to have a micro sd card installed in order to use the record options?

Hello @prley, to be able to use local recording settings “record event only” and “Continuous recording” you would need an microSD card installed.

@prley… To clarify, as @mixonepa says, to use the local recording that the camera will do (continuous or event only) while you are not connected to it, you need an SD card installed.

However, if you look at the live stream screen, you will see Record button with a video camera icon. Tap that and you will recording to the phone’s Wyze photo album. But you have to keep live streaming with the app in the foreground or it will stop recording. They are two independent and very different features.