Can my Wyze camera be setup to ONLY record to SD when Wifi goes off?

  1. Wyze camera can be setup for continuous recording even without motion detection? I have a businss whereby I’d like to record according to a set schedule, even if no motion is triggered.

  2. Can my camera be setup to not use up any of the storage space on the SD so long as the footage is being sent to the cloud? I have wifi at all of my business shops, but sometimes the footage goes off periodically (rarely) during a month. I’d like to be able to save the storage space on the SD for just those instances where the wifi has gone off, and to not be used up for when footage was successfully uploaded to the cloud. This way, I’ll be sure I have all my footage somewhere, either on the cloud or on the SD. if it’s always recording to the SD and overwriting then it means any footage that wasn’t caught by the cloud 3 days prior will have already been overwritten by new footage, even though the new footage is also on the cloud anyway, which doesn’t help me.

The camera can only record continuously to the SD card. It only will upload 12 second clips to the cloud when it detects motion and it only will record a clip every 5 minutes.

As mentioned above the cloud recording can be triggered by sound or motion and will result in a 12 second long clip followed by a five minute long cool down period during which no further cloud clips will occur.

With continuous recording to an SD card these Event clips will still happen in conjunction with the continuous recording if you choose. Using shortcuts you could turn your cameras off at times you don’t want to record. And on when you do. A 32 GB card will hold about 2.5 days of HD recordings. When it fills up it erases the oldest footage first and reuses the space.

Hmmm ok, well, what if I want to just use it then to do a continuous record with overwriting and no wifi connection? The country I’m living is expensive for wifi uploading usage. I’d like to just utilitize the 2 day recording so that we can always check the footage from the SD card for any mishaps then. Is this doable?

You can turn off event (cloud) recording for each camera individually under the Gear :gear: icon in the top right of the live view screen. Right now there is a #wishlist item to make the continuous recording easier to navigate and use.

It will continue recording motion triggered events on SD Card with that option turned off? I am actually looking for a way to avoid uploading on cloud, local storage only would be my preference.

There is an excellent article that explains local vs. cloud and continuous vs. event recording here:

It does a better job explaining than I can. :grinning:


Yes, you can set the SD card to do continuous recording without motion detection being on. You can turn the camera on & off via scheduled shortcuts.

Yes, you can turn off recording to the SD card (Advanced Settings > Local Storage). If you turn motion detection back on, recordings will go to the cloud.

You can’t set the camera to operate differently when Internet disappears, but you can set the SD card to Events-only recording and access it in those instances when the Internet disappears. A 32 GB card can save 2-3 days of events in HD mode. That would be 2-3 days of constant motion when you are in events-only recording, so that should be weeks or more of coverage in events-only mode.

The camera requires an Internet connection when it starts up, but if you turn off motion detection no events will be uploaded to the cloud. You can separately turn on events-only or continuous recording to the SD card.

Yes, it will. Motion Detection is a cloud setting. Continuous and Events-only recordings are separate SD card settings.

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Sorry, I had one more follow up question. If I the wyze camera is installed in a busy street location with nonstop motion, it still won’t do CVR? It will just record for a fixed amount of time and then stop for 5 minutes while missing the activity during the 5 minutes cool off?

Yes, originally set up to keep cloud recording free and not overwhelm the servers, until they change that limitation, the camera will only record 12 seconds or cloud footage once every 5 minutes.

So just to clarify, if I have event recording turned off and continuous recording set to local storage, will my camera be uploading any data to the cloud? Having a house with 3 teenage daughters, I tend to hit my data cap on my home internet at times, so every little savings can help! Thanks!


My understanding is if you have event recording turned off and continuous recording set on the SD card you will not upload videos to the cloud, only drawback is you will also not get notifications of movement if you were wanting those also.