Please help advise on how to do this with Wyze or point me in right direction

Hello all! I was considering trying out the Wyze cameras since I currently own 6 nest indoor cameras and keep running into challenges with nest cameras where anytime the power or internet breaks, I have 0 footage. Or even worse, the nest cameras have a defect whereby it will occasionally just stop recording until it is unplugged and re-plugged back in.

I am a business owner and trying to record 30 days of my footage at my shop locations continuously, and losing footage for hours at a time becomes unreliable. All I need in short is ideally a camera that can upload continuous cloud footage of 15-30 days, as well wit ha backup local storage option for if the power or internet goes off. Is there a camera type that fits the bill for this? I’ve read that wyze only does continuous recording on the local, and then there’s no way to get that local footage uploaded to the cloud. Perhaps if wyze had a way to upload the local footage then I could just get a 128 or 256gb microsd card and then upload it all continuously.

The Wyze cams will only record 12-second video clips to the Wyze cloud, with a 5-minute ‘cool-down’ between clips. If you need continuous cloud recording of 15-30 days, you’ll have to find another solution.

As you noted, the Wyze design can record continuously to a local microSD card.
It only supports (officially) a 32 GB card, maximum, Of course, if the power fails, the camera will stop recording. If the internet should fail, local recording to the SDcard may or may not continue reliably, depending on a number of factors. There are other threads here with extensive discussion about the issues with the cameras when ‘off-line’ (i.e., no internet connection to WyzeHQ.


To compound that issue, due to a bug I hope they address soon, you can do NO SD card recording without an Internet connection. Used to be bad enough that you needed a connection at startup.

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‘Off-line’ recording goes from bad to worse!
As I said, local recording may or may not continue reliably. I suppose I should have emphasized the “not”.

Given the stated requirements (continuous recording, for extended duration, with both local and cloud storage, coverage during power outages,), I think the OP would be well-advised to look elsewhere for a proper security system for his shops…



When did that problem start ?

Good question! You’re right, that should have been broadcast better. Can’t answer. Pretty sure I saw a mention in a post out in the forums by @Loki?

I had a camera separated by a metal wall that kept dropping connection. So after I read [whoever’s] post I saw it for myself. This cam stopped recording to the SD card several times an hour. Moved it indoors and twice as far away, and the past few days it has been golden on all counts (SD card & connections).

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@Newshound @HDRock, from what I can recall that was an old bug that has been fixed.

I just moved my camera out of that environment 2 days ago.

Regarding the SD card recording offline issue, here is one of the main threads on it: Can Wyze Cam Record to SD Card Without Internet Connection? - #64 by GreenEggs

As far as I know, it’s still not been fixed.

Foscam. It’s what I use at the office. They have 30 days plus of cloud storage, plus you can run your own server locally. I have access to the local server as well as their cloud. The cameras are viewable over your browser as well.

I love the Wyze cams, don’t get me wrong (my entire house is using Wyze cams) but for more critical monitoring, I personally like Foscam. I’m sure the other known companies have similar options, but Foscam is what I am familiar with in that regard. I dont think Wyze is really up to that sort of task.