Issues using smartphone w/continuous recording

Trying to catch night-time activity outside my apartment. Set the Wyze to record continuously from 11pm to 6 am. However, as soon as my phone’s screen times out, the recording ceases. Any suggestions?

If I understand you right, it sounds like you are using the phone to record the camera’s live stream. Instead you should let the camera do the recording onto its memory card. Then it won’t matter if your phone even exists to get a recording.

To let the camera do the recording, you’ll need a memory card installed in it. 32GB is recommended. Then go to the camera’s settings, select Advanced Settings>Local Storage. You want Local recording to micro SD card on, set to continuous recording. I believe those are the defaults when a card is installed.

Then to view what the camera recorded, instead of viewing the live stream on your phone you ask it to view playback. Then you will get a timeline at the bottom of the camera view that will let you dial up any time that interests you.

For a 32GB card you can go back 2-3 days if you are recording in HD mode, and 7-8 days if you are recording in SD mode. The oldest footage is always deleted to make room for new footage.

Hope that helps.


I have an SD card installed, set to store there. I played with all the settings for the last day to try and figure it out, to no avail.

Go down to the continuous recording section


Well, your phone’s screen timing out should not affect what is stored to the microSD card.

You need to check the settings I mentioned, then call up the live feed of the camera and view that in portrait mode. You will get a big green button at the bottom of the screen that says “View Playback”. Click that and a timeline will appear below the image. Move that timeline from to dial up any time you are interested in. Reverse-pinch on the timeline to expand it to give you more resolution.


One more thing to clarify… DO NOT tap the Record button on the live stream. Set up recording to SD card in Camera Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Play it back as @Newshound describes. If you want to save what’s been recording on the SD card, THEN you can hit the Record button to save it to your phone’s camera roll/gallery (but only while the phone’s screen stays on).

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Thank you. I did figure that out as well. Still playing with settings, feeling my way around. But thanks to all you answered!