Wait isn't coninuous supposed to keep running even if I turn off the app (or turn off the phone)?

Alright I just got my wyze (um regular kind, not pan, indoor), so that’s V2, and upgraded the firmware via the app, installed the 32 gb sd card and formatted it, I’m running the android app,

All I want it to do is just keep recording constantly (and then upload the video to my computer (not phone), now and then).

  1. I followed a youtube video from wyze to turn on continuous recording. in the “Advanced” settings.

OK so now what do I do? The reason I ask- I keep checking the sd card usage in the settings and the card is still empty.

So I figured out I have to start a manual record?

But then if I close the app on the phone while it’s recording it just stops recording.

  1. I keep researching and I still don’t understand how to get the video to my computer (not phone; computer). Hell I can’t even get it to the phone storage either! The only way to do it is to take out the sd card and copy it manually?! That can’t be right I must be missing something.

  2. Just wondering- if I set it to nightvision (black and white) will I get more hours of recording than color? (Presumably the compression is better for b&w?)



The card will take days (and days and days and days if you are n SD mode) to fill up a 32 GB card. So if you are checking every few minutes or hours, you may not see much space used.

Instead call up the individual camera’s live feed in portrait mode. Below the live feed will be a button that says “View Playback”. Touch that and if anything shows at all, you are recording. I say that because it will jump back 5 minutes in time when it first comes up.

There will be a timeline below the image. The shaded portion is time recorded on the SD card. To get better resolution on the timeline, just reverse-pinch it.

You can get the video to your computer a few ways. You can pull the memory card. You can capture a segment off the memory card with the app by recording the playback from the card, and then sending that to your computer. For me using an iPhone & Mac I just AirDrop it between the two devices from the Photos app, where the clip it is saved by the app.

You get more time saved on the card by lowering resolution. HD on a 32 GB card will get you 2-3 days of playback. It will automatically loop, you don’t need to erase the card every few days. To get more time, switch to SD mode. You can get 7-8 days there.

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To record continuously you need to go to the gear icon in the upper right corner
Device Settings–>Advanced Settings–>Local Storage–>Local recording to micro SD card [turn switch on]
Then select Continuous recording.

Your correct, that shouldn’t be how to do it but it is. As Newshound wrote you can “record” during playback, but as of now there is not a way in the app to just download the entire block of data.
I’ve added a Micro SD to Micro SD Extension Cable
so I can pull the card easily without disturbing the camera.

You can also do time lapse at a 3 second setting, Then after you “process” it with the app it will be on your phone and you can move it around fairly easily.

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Oh the extentsion cable is a g great idea thanks @gemniii .

But guys what about turning the app/phone off? It’ll keep recording on it’s own right?

Ok I don’t know how to switch to SD mode, but you’ve all answered my questions so I spose I can just research that myself, Also I’ll just do some experimentation about black and white compression. thanks guys!


Forget B&W. That’s Night Vision mode, which will look way overexposed in the daytime. You haven’t actually found a reason yet to try to get more on the card, unless 2-3 days isn’t enough for you. But if you need 7-8 then switch to SD. You can do that by calling up the individual camera in portrait mode, then pressing the “HD” to the upper left of the live stream. On iOS that calls up a menu of 360p, SD, and HD. If it already says SD you are already in SD mode.

Forget also trying to record the live stream from the app. That is not the way to do it, and as soon as you turn the screen off it will stop. Re-read the beginning of gemniii’s post and the second and third paragraphs of my first post for the correct way.

And… once full it overwrites the oldest data. the numbers showing how much of the card is still available can be confusing… Pulling the card is a drag, but I keep an extra, formatted correctly and switch it over, transfer the data and then clean the old card once copied and move on to the next cam… IF I am feeling motivated… 3 days of video is plenty for my needs… I usually realize something was wrong within that time period… if not… hopefully it won’t be all that bad… My preference is to save directly to my NAS but that’s on the back burner for now… way back I believe…

@mikecard if you have the camera set to continuously record, then even if your app or phone is off, it will still be recording to the SD card.

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