I'm missing something- where are the videos and why is my sd card always empty?

I’m missing something basic here.

I want my cam to record all day; regardless of motion.

My device is a v2, firmware

I have Event Recording set ro “All Day”.

I have “Detects Motion” and “Detects Sound” set to off.

Local recording to Micro SD card on.

Set to Continuous Recording.

SD card is always at only 0.6 gb/ 29.7 it never changes.

I can do manual records. They save fine and I can play them back, but they never affect the SD card usage; it’s always 0.6

What am I missing here? Where are the continuous recording videos? The SD card is still empty and the Album still only has my manual records.

What am I not understanding- How do I make it start continuously recording and where are the files?


Where is the app are you going to see your SD card videos?

You should be going to the ‘View Pkayback’ button from the live view of the cam.


Yea ok so I can see the video… But where is the file to download and why is my SD card still empty?

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Your SD card is full, and currently overwriting the oldest recording. The 0.6 you see is the ‘free’ (but unusable) space.


Ohhhhhhh now I get it. Thanks. Ok so how do I download the video?

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You answered your own question

I don’t understand that answer. If something happened an hour ago and I want to go download the file how do I do it? Am I supposed to have a manual record constantly running?

If you want to record all the time then set it to all day and it will record constantly and once it gets to the end of the available space it will just override it self and you will lose the previous recording. So if you want to save something you need to take that SD card out and put a new one in

Oh so if I put the SD card into a card reader on my pc there will be a file there that’s like 32 gig (the card is 32 gig)?

I would think so I haven’t tried it myself but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work it is just a standard SD card formatted it fat 32

You can view and download the videos from the mSD card to your PC. That’s how I save my videos. It’s easy to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now there’s your answer. Hope it works on Mac to because I don’t have a PC

Well but wait- I mean the constant-recording-video not the manual ones in the Album.

I guess I have to just try it out, I just thought someone might know off the top of their head.

Oh I’m PC (linux) I bet it will read ok since it’s fat32.

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If you have your camera set to Continuous Recording all your “Event Videos” will be on the mSD card. Your PC should be able read those files without a problem.

Oh ok. Well but this isn’t an “event” it’s continuous recording (no motion sensor involved). So I imagine it’ll be considered one giant “event”?

I assumed that you were talking about recording video from the SD card to save to your album
the way you do that is you pick the spot where the video is on the SD card and you do a manual record , press stop when you get to the end of what it is you want to record then it will be saved to your album …
You don’t have to take the SD card out but will need to record what you want in real time.

In your settings for event recording the setting for "all day "has nothing to do with your SD card that is only for the 12 second cloud recordings .

It is confusing I know but you must realise the 12 second cloud recordings are a totally separate thing from the SD card recording

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This support article here may help you to understand how everything works.


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Right, Thanks but neither one of those specifies how to get it off of the SD card.

Your PC should have an SD card reader or you need to get an SD card reader for your PC