Continuous Recording and SD Card questions

Some questions:

  1. Since the sd card only supports 32gb, does it support continuous recording? Example, card fills up after 2 days of HD recording. It erases the beginning of day 1 and continues recording onto day 3.
  2. Is there planned support for larger capacity sd cards?
  3. Are alerts tagged on the local SD card as well?

I’m using 64gb cards in mine. Some people are using 256gb cards! 32gb is the recommended size because of the format Fat32 feature in the cam itself. No issues using larger cards. BTW…I am referring to V2 cameras, but it still should apply to the Pan version too.

  1. If it’s like the rest of the Wyze cameras, when the SD card gets full, it erases the oldest day (in it’s entirety) to make space to continue recording.
  2. Unknown (at least by me). Note that many people have reported successfully using larger uSD cards (including me). I have 64GB uSD cards in two of my cameras and they are working fine. Other people have tried even larger cards.
  3. If local recording is continuous, no. If local recording is set to alerts only, then yes.
  1. Are the 64GB uSD cards recognized to the full capacity? Fat32 only supports 32GB, so not sure how it can exceed that limit.

  2. If local recording is set to alerts, are you able to record for longer than 12 seconds?

  3. Can local recordings be viewed remotely?

  1. It appeared so.
  2. When recording locally for alerts only, it records 1 minute files.
  3. Yes - either via the app or pulling out the uSD card and reading on a computer.
  1. Is there a way to set how long it records for when an alert/motion is detected? 1 minute can seem short. I’m trying to catch someone not picking up their dog poo.

  2. Do you need to be on the same wifi network or can you view the local files from anywhere? Bandwidth is not an issue for me.

  1. I record continuous locally , but my understanding is that as long as there are motion triggers, it will keep recording 1 minute segments.
  2. No. In fact I just received two move V2 cameras a few minutes ago and was demonstrating the system to my boss by watching my cameras at home 26 miles away - both live and playback.

Just to chime in on 3) - when you install an SD card and set it to “Record events only”, the camera records in 1-minute increments and saves the 1-minute clip to the SD card if motion is detected within that 1-minute increment. So if there’s motion spanning multiple 1-minute increments, it will save all of those 1-minute increments until motion is no longer detected. You can find this setting in the Camera Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage (when Local recording to micro SD card is turned on you can select between “Record events only” or “Continuous recording”).

Helpful tip - When you use the playback feature to view footage saved on your SD card, it will highlight in color the time increments where there is footage saved on your SD card. It can sometimes be hard to see small 1-2 minute increments - you can pinch to zoom in and out on the timeline to change the scale to more easily see and select specific times on the timeline.

  1. Is there an option to schedule recording times?

No, there’s not an option to schedule recording times for the SD card. But I will pass that along as a future feature request to our product team.

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With Ifttt it appears possible to schedule a short video clip. Not sure how long the clip will be.

" Are the 64GB uSD cards recognized to the full capacity? "
The company that makes these cameras (not Wyze) uses 64Gb as a default.

Here is a screenshot verifying that it recognizes a 64GB card;



Sorry for the delayed reply on this one!

The clip will be a 12 second clip, similar to a standard Alert video. It will also have its own independent 5 minute cooldown from the motion detection and will be called “Auto scene alert”.

For our products we only support the use of 8, 16, and 32GB micro SD cards (preferably class 10, for transfer speed).

While the cameras can recognize larger sizes this should be considered unreliable. I personally have been doing long term testing with a 64GB and have had several write issues resulting in missing data, while this behavior is not seen with the same unit using a 32GB.

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I help manage an all-volunteer cycling event this weekend with 2000+ bicyclists…and from experience a potentially a thief or two looking to upgrade their bike. So I thought why not set up a couple Wyze Cams to capture the event.

I’ve installed Samsung Micro SD HC1 cards. I’ve set the cam to record continuously (Settings/Advanced Settings/Local Storage - Record to Micro SD is ON, Continuous Recording set). However, when I leave the app and return the record button is off (gray). Two questions:

  1. How can I keep the cams recording if I leave the app?
  2. We likely will be out of WIFI range. From what I've read, the Cams should start to record continuously even without the app. Correct?


Wise V1


I have all my Wyze cameras set to continuous recording and it works just fine regardless if I have the app running or if the camera has a WiFi connection.

Does the camera admit that there is an SD card installed? It wont let you turn recording on if it does not think that there is a uSD card installed.

Here is an example of one of my cameras that was powered down at home, and then powered up 14 hours later and 45 miles from home. It happily started recording to the uSD card.

Yes it records…until I leave the app.

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Are you talking about the record button At the bottom of the live view?

I’m wonder if HDRock has the key. Can you please answer his question.