Recording and former SD cards

Hi Gang,

I’ve got six Wyze cans running around the house and I just moved a pan & scan up my antenna so its now 20 feet off the ground outside. It used to have an SD card in it but not now.

So recording - since it’s no longer got an SD card in it - is it still recording? (the other 5 do) if so what and how?

  • So under Event Rec its now set to ALL DAY, and it also has Motion and Sound turned on like always.
  • Under Notifications - all three are turned on but the master is set to off.
  • Detect are at the factory setting.
  • Alarms are off.
  • Under ADV - Local - its off the old SD card setting still says 10 MB avial.?
    - Format - shows the command format.
  • I just turned on Motion Tracking and Motion Tagging under MORE from the main page.

So is it recording and if so how much and where is it and whats the retention rate for that stuff on HD?

Also, if I break down and get another SD card for it can I go with a 64 or 128 as last week someone has something stolen and one of my other fixed cams has a stock 32 GB in it on ALL DAY but it didn’t go back far enough to see who came by,

I need more than 24 hrs of record time … I know its not official but has anyone had any luck with 64 or 128 GB cards?


If the camera does not have a SD card, the only thing available are the cloud recordings (12 second clips with the 5 min cooldown or CMC). There is also the manual recording (the record button on live view). But i recommend that to only be used for short clips as it saves to your device and the app needs to be open on that screen the whole time.

I have 64 gig cards in most my v2s and never had an issue with them. I just checked and my pancam with a 32 gig card and set to continuous and HD has between 3 and 4 days worth of footage on it.


Thanks for the quick answer …so with no cards in em - you’re saying you get 12 sec clips max?

  • So if the cam detects motion or sound it automatically records whatever for 12 secs?
  • Then if it goes over 5mins of however many that 12 secs is - its takes a time out for 5mins?
  • What’s a CMC?

As far as manual goes - that won’t be an issue … I think I’ll break down tomorrow and go get another 64 GB and climb back up the tower and drop it in. I’m surprised you’re getting 3-4 days on 32GB on one of my CAM2’s I only get about a day and half on continuous so we’ll try a 64GB.

BTW - do you suggest turning on Motion Tracking and Tagging with continuous on and a new SD card or is it worth it?

Any idea why Wyze doesn’t suggest going over that 32GB limit?

Thanks again for the answers !


the free cloud service works like this: The camera detects sound or motion and saves and uploads a 12 second clip to the cloud. When the clip is finished and uploaded, your app gets a notification (if you have it enabled) of the event. Now starts the 5 minute cool down, which means the camera wont trigger to sound or motion for 5 mins. This is because this is a free service from Wyze, and the cloud clips are saved in the cloud for 14 days. CMC is Complete motion capture, a subscription service that costs $1.49 per month per camera that will save all motion to the cloud. No cool down associated with this one, and the CMC clips are saved to the cloud for 14 days. Lots more information here:

Motion tagging is a personal decision. Personally, i like it and have it enabled on my V2s. Both some dont like the green boxes all over the screen. Best to try it with it enabled, and try it without and see if the green rectangles are too much for you. I don’t use motion tracking with my pancam. I have no use for it, i prefer more coverage with more V2s rather than a spinning pancam.:slight_smile: My pan has been a taller V2 for aslong as i have had it.

Wyze officially supports up to 32 gig sd cards for their cameras. My 3-4 days of footage is on a camera that doesn’t see a lot of motion, so that may contribute to the longer retention. I couldn’t tell you the technical reasons why, other than direct you to this support page which goes into SD cards usage. That page also has a graph that shows what you can expect to get from your settings vs the sd card size.

Edit/ is it a ham radio tower that you got? or what kind of tower? I am jealous. :slight_smile:

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