New V3 Pan Cams and recording


I just got two new pan cam 3’s and I just went in to the new software on my phone to checka recording.
I have all “13” of my cameras running continuous record to the local SD cards.

However I just went in to one of the V3 cameras to view some playback and despite me selecting CONTINOUS record and always I’m seeing these time stamp things and I can’t get anything to play back, does anyone know why?

I did just upgrade the Wyze software on my cell to install the two new Pan Cam 3’s.

How do you view recordings now?


Are you saying that you ask it to play back and it does not do so, or you haven’t figured out the “new” user interface?
If it’s the latter, on the camera main page, click the leftmost icon when says SD Card. That will bring up the timeline in the bottom half of the screen. Scroll up or down to get to the desired time.

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I assume by the timestamp things you mean the snapshots on the Events page? If so, hit on a event, on the next page it’ll show the snapshot at the top, at the bottom look for the button labeled “Playback” with a SD card symbol above it.

Ah ! OK, so I clicked that icon and I can see the SD card contents with that white and green bar indicating when it has a recording on it. Thanks for the help!

Now another dumb question … I have it set to continuous record to a 32 or 64GB SD card … However all I’m seeing is either a while area indicating that there is no recording or some time s I see a constant line of green on the far right side of the box which I would expect to see since it’s supposed to always record.

Sometimes I see a green ball with something inside them? And that’s either by itself or with the green bar … what is that ?

Lastly, while cool, is there a way to shut off that automatically pan scan thing where the cameras moves to follow motion? I think that’s affecting the camera and its stopping the continuous recording setting maybe?

I just want it to constantly record and never stop and then when it gets full it can over write the older stuff as needed. Thanks again for the help BTW !!


Yes, I find it annoying too most of the time. In the image below, scroll right (swipe left) in the area circled in red. After you see the additional icons, un-select Pan Scan as indicated with the blue arrow. In the image I have it selected (note that it is in the Wyze crappy blue green color - which I normally do not.

You mean like this? The green balls on the left indicate events that it detected. Inside the green ball will be an icon indicating what type of event. All the ones in the screen capture below are sound events (usually either wind blowing or birds).

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Well progress, I just discovered that the tools bar you showed me can be swept left and right !
WHO KNEW ! (grin)

So yea, I guess if I keep the “Track Motion” and the one over called “Pan Scan” nice and black and off, then in theory the camera should stay where its pointed and record away right !?

Also, further on that menu, since I have all 13 of my cameras set to CONTINIOUS RECORD in the gear menu “Settings” and then inside that sub menu “Advanced Settings” menu to “Record to Micro SD Card” and Continuous - that new button on the same new tool bar called “Record” right next to Take Photo seems to be moot for me.

Can I ignore it or does it HAVE to activated and green to make sure the camera IS actually recording all the time like I want it too … ?

Here on one of my version 2 pan cams - its not recording anymore:

Is that because the new version of software says I have to have that green button selected and pressed now? I would have hoped that the Adv Settings would override that screen.

Thanks for the help again BTW - you rock !


Today my v3 pan also has the same issue of no video at the selected time, even when the snapshot shows there are motion events when I try to play it, it says no video at the selected time. It works perfectly fine before today

Those are two seperate functions. One being the SD card recording on the camera, and the other being the manual record button you see from the cameras live view page. The manual record button let’s you save a clip of either live view or played back from SD card footage that you are watching in app. Click it on, then click it off when your clip that you want to save is done. This saves the clip to your phone or tablet or device that you have the app installed on.

If you have the micro SD card setting enabled and continuous set, it would be recording automatically to the card in the camera without any input from you. What does the “manage SD card” screen say is the status of the card? Maybe the card went bad. Have you tried swamping in a good card to that camera to see if it picks up continuous recording?