Continuous Recording on Pan v1 and v2

Apologies if this is an obvious question or a known issue, but I’m having trouble getting my pan cameras to record continuously on their mSD cards. I have had this issue since the beginning with my Pan v1, but am now seeing the same thing with my new Pan v2. Event recording seems to work, but if I scroll to “view playback” it tells me “no video at the selected time” and there’s no blue color coding on the time scroll part.

Not sure if this matters, but it is mounted in a location with okay-but-not-great wifi signal strength (2/3 bars in the Wyze app). However, if I bring it to where the signal is strongest I’m not seeing any difference.

Sometimes reformatting the card (a couple of times?) and/or restarting the camera seems to help. I’ve tried a couple of different SD cards, from 32-128GB and that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Does anyone have more tips?

Have you tried taking the card out of the working v1 and putting it in the v2 to see if it’s a card or camera issue?

Yes! I’ve tried a variety of cards in both cameras. Usually the way it works is that I’ll try a bunch of stuff (reformatting the card, restarting, etc) and it will seem to works for a day or two then stop working again. Sometimes it also looks choppy like it is recording intermittently (see pic)

That’s odd that it seems to be the same length and same gap between recordings. Does it look like this on your other cams as well?

Nope! Just this one – weird huh?