Cam Pan v3 stops continuous recording

32gb card, all works fine until the card is full about 3 days into recording, then the card doesn’t overwrite and continuous recording stops. Only workaround I’ve found is to format the card when this happens which is every 3 days and it’s a major inconvenience. Hoping for a firmware fix. Thanks!

I just checked my PanV3 cams running current Beta Firmware. All four are recording continuous to 256GB HE SD Cards and are filling @ ~23 days Hx. All are overwriting as expected and continuing to record.

What firmware version is your cam running?

Are you formatting the card in the cam thru the app or are you using an external device? If external, quick format or full reformat?

Thanks for the speedy reply, firmware is up to date 4.50.13603, I’m formatting from the app via Bluestacks. Card is good as was working perfect 2 weeks ago in a Cam Pan v1 then I swapped it to the new v3 Cam Pan and problems.

:+1: It seems the Beta FW is working appropriately so that is a good sign. If you didn’t want to wait, you could enter the Beta pool and try that firmware.

Have you tried doing a full reformat of the card externally so that the file system is rewritten? The cam only does a wipe of the saved data (quick format). The newer PanV3 firmware may not be entirely accepting of the card’s production format.

Thanks, haven’t tried the full reformat think I need to get a cable to hook it up to the computer I’ll look into that. Beta pool? I’m gonna look into that too, if you had a link that would be lovely.

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Thank you!

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That make sense I don’t see continuous anymore. Are they fixing this?

Please be more specific. You don’t see the setting anymore to set the SD Card to continuous or you don’t see any continuous recording video saved to the SD Card?

Can you share a screenshot?

I have the same problem with a 64G SD card. I have 3 V3 camera’s with all the same SD card type. On the one camera once the SD card is full it stops recording and often time it unformats the SD card. I use these SD card that are working in the other 2 camera’s and on this particular camera the SD card will be unformatted after it is written once. These same SD cards will perform properly on all camera but this particular one. All I can do is remover the SD card and reformat it till it is full again and gets unformatted by this particular camera. All are at the same software versions. What is going on with this particular camera?

Hi there, this is still happening and is unbelievably frustrating when you go to look at a particular time and “no recording is available at this time”. I have 8 cameras consting of 7 Cam Pan V3s and 1 Wyze Cam V3.
The Cam Pan V3s have a mix of 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb SD cards in them and the problem happens on all of them. It does not happen on the Wyze Cam V3.
I do not want to have to set a reminder to format the SD card on all of my Pans every week or two to get around this. Formatting is also very flakey and often the cameras require a reboot or two before the format actually happens.
Let me know if any other information is required to investigate this.

Throw and SD card in a Cam Pan V3, continuously record, and once the SD card is full within a few days (possibly less) you will see recording has stopped and the SD card sits there full not doing anything.

I don’t doubt others are affected by this. It can’t just coincidentally be my 7 cameras.

All are running version and I had to format all my SD cards just now.


Try pulling a card, put it in a PC, and format it using SD Card Formatter (from Quick format is probably fine but if you have the time to let it do a full overwrite, that may help more.

I don’t use the integrated format function of any of my cameras that have greater than 32G in them, I remember reading issues with larger cards and the built in format feature.

Hi Dave, thanks for the quick reply. Do you need to do this regularly or is one proper format all you expect is needed to resolve this issue?

I formatted all my cards using SD card formatter when I installed the cameras over the summer, and haven’t formatted them since.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks.