I broke my Pan Cam

I don’t know why I try this stuff because I always manage to ruin things. I can not get the cam to revert to the old firmware. It’s been flashing yellow and blue for over 15 minutes. Ugh I broke the cam and I need it. :frowning:

Now to top it off something is stuck/jammed in the micro SD slot on the Pan Cam and I can’t get the card back in. This is absolutely horrible as I NEEDED this cam running tonight. I’m never going to do this again but can someone please help me get this set up. Please. Why would the card not go back in. I tried both ways and nothing is working :frowning:

Wondering what “both ways” means. See photo and tips at the link below.

Yes I am trying to insert it properly. However the camera I had used the webcam firmware that Wyze released. So in order to go back to using it as a regular camera I need to flash the firmware with a micro SD.

@FriendofFeralCats - never heard this one before. Any chance all or part of the old card is still in the slot? I would try a strong magnifier - your phones camera can be used, at least in IOS. If you can see something blocking the slot, unplug the cam and try tweezers to get it out.
If you are still under warranty, try Wyze Support. I have no idea how they will handle this, but worth a try.
Failing that, check YouTube for videos to disassemble if you want to try that. Here’s one- not in English but good photography.

All of the cards are in tact. In fact I got that same card that wouldn’t go in the Pan and it is now in one of my V2s working perfectly

I am trying to zoom in but the photo gets blurry. And I really don’t trust myself taking the entire thing apart. I’d bork it even more than I have before. Ugh I’m in tears. :frowning:

It looks like some kind of a ding or are on the upper right of the slot. I really think taking it apart wouldn’t do much unless you wanted to replace the whole slot.
Here’s a photo (not as clear as yours!) of the slot on one of my V2s with and without card. I’m out of suggestions! I’ll tag in the other @Mavens - hopefully one of them will have a solution.

CS is sending a replacement. Hopefully that comes faster than my band that I ordered prelaunch is coming.

Great! Glad it worked out well for you!