MicroSD card won’t stay in Cam Pan

I’ve had my new Wyze Cam Pan set up for about a week and just tried inserting a microSD card, but it won’t stay in the slot (I push it in all the way, but about 1/8 of an inch comes back out, as if it’s been ejected), the cam doesn’t “ding,” and the advanced settings on the app say there’s no card found. I’ve checked on the Wyze support site and YouTube videos and I’m sure I’m inserting it correctly, but I can’t figure out what to do now. Suggestions?

I had a hard time inserting the micro SD card into the cam pans too. I used tweezers to push it in and I could feel it lock.

Do you hear or feel a click when you push it in? SD cards in any device can be tricky to lock in.

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@CJS You can use a flat toothpick or a small precision screw driver to gently push it all the way in. That usually does the trick.

Thanks everyone! I tried tweezers first and that worked. Guess my thumbnail just couldn’t push it in far enough.

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