Can't get my Cam Pan to recognize my microsd card, even one from Wyze

I bought a Cam Pan about a year and a half ago, mostly to check on our new kittens (now full grown) while we were out. It was fine for that and I only turned it on occasionally. Then recently we found evidence of someone climbing our fence to get into our back yard. I set up the camera in front of the kitchen window but I realized I finally actually wanted to record video; hadn’t ever bothered with that previously.

I saw in the settings that I needed to install a microsd card in order to record video. So I ordered a 64 GB Samsung microsd card. I put that in the slot and fired up the camera but I still got the “no microsd card found” message. I looked in the Wyze docs and saw that larger than 32 GB isn’t recommended (though they don’t say that it won’t work). So I ordered another card – 32 GB and this time directly from Wyze. It is a Wyze-branded card!

Well, somehow that took over two weeks to make it’s way from Tukwila to Portland but I got it today and plugged it into my camera… IT STILL SAYS I HAVE NO CARD INSTALLED! What is the secret to getting the camera to recognize the card? Please help!

Did you power cycle the camera

Yes, several times.

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Sorry to hear of the issue. Not sure what troubleshooting you have done so far but a couple of initial thoughts. If you have not done so, first make sure your camera has the latest firmware and you are running the latest Wyze app version. it should now support your 64GB card.

Did you format the SD card once you put it in the camera? Or are you not able to get to that option?

To format the SD card:

Open Camera, go to settings, advanced settings, manage micro SD Card, and format.

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If they aren’t running at least Cam Pan v1 firmware, which was paused due to issues, exFAT/64GB may not function. 64GB would require a FAT32 reformat.

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Not able to get to the format option. Settings says I have no card with either the Samsung 64 GB or the Wyze 32 GB.

I’m on firmware version… should be new enough right?

Well this is weird. I went back into settings and FINALLY the card was showing up. But when I clicked format I got a message like “device disconnected”. I went back out and the camera now was not powered up so I power it back up, went into settings and the card doesn’t show again. This camera is trying to gaslight me!

Definitely! :+1:

It sounds like you have a supply power issue. Your cam should not be randomly powering off. Do you have another USB wall wart (5V power adapter, 2 Amp minimum) and USB cable you can use to see if this is the problem? Are you able to move your cam and power adapter to a different wall outlet to help diagnose the issue?

Thanks Seapup, I’ll try fiddling with it more when I have time and will report back.

Oh, one question though: I have assumed that the card is supposed to sit slightly protruding from the bottom of the camera, correct? Both cards sit like this and the socket is spring-loaded so they won’t go in any further (which is probably just as well because I have no idea how I would get it out if it was flush with the camera body).

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I’m not sure. Cam Pan v1 and Cam v1 are the only cams I don’t own.

The subsequent cams that were developed have the card recessed into or flush with the slot. FOr those cams, need to use a fingernail or small flathead screwdriver to push in and pop it up and then use tweezers to pull it out the rest of the way. :grin:

I had this problem. The formatting via Wyze app did not work (my Orbi may even have blocked). However, what did work eventually was:

  1. Using my Windows laptop I inserted the card and then right-clicked on the drive on my PC: screen and selected “Format”

  2. I unchecked “QuickFormat” and then did the lengthier method of formatting.

  3. With the Wyze app open and the camera selected and the camera on I inserted the card. Basically following these instructions “

  4. I don’t know that I heard a ding dong, but once the card was in, I closed the app and then reopened it and the card was recognized.

Took a couple attempts, but now it’s working on my Pan and my Outdoor. GLTA!

Double check the cards…they should sit flush or just below the surface. Sounds like they may be in backwards. With the spring loading of the slot, you push the cards in and they pop out when you want to remove them.

Thanks but it only goes in one way and it also matches the silhouette on the camera body. I’ve also tried two different brand new cards, including one that is Wyze brand. The card slot is just defective, that’s all there is to it. Ah well, at least it was cheap. I bought it to spy on my kitties and I can still do that.