Cam Pan doesn't recognise memory card

I have a 32gb micro card rhat has worked in my former Cleverdog cameras. My Wyze Cam Pan won’t recognize it. I’ve tried to reload it several times, but still nothing. Any suggestions?

Maybe your card is the wrong format they need to be FAT32 format.
See this section

put it in a comp and check it for errors as well. some cameras don’t fully stop the read write process consistently and this could lead to errors in the cards making it hard to use next time you try.

Make sure the uSD card is fully seated. Particularly on the Pan, I find that the card is harder to get all the way in. I use a screwdriver or a key as a push tool.

Install it with the cam off. If you can even format it in the camera, do that.
Worse case, you might need to re-establish the camera with Wyze, like a new camera. Then turn off camera and install memory card and then power it up. Hope it works.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will try them tonight!