Wyze pan cam stop writing to SD card randomly

Hello, i bought a wyze pan camera months ago, but its been hard to keep it continuos recording because after 1 or 2 day, i get that theres no SD :S, so i formatted it multiple times using computer and app but no luck, what else can i try to try to make it work? i bring it from USA so returning it was hard for me so i kept it

I have had this trouble with my pan cam too.
Sometime I’ll even check it only to find that it won’t show my any events at all anymore, at least not for a long time and seems to only start recording again if I reformat my card again…I decided not to buy anymore of the pan cams anymore after that…I still have it, but mostly put it somewhere I don’t really care much about because it’s too unreliable for me. Maybe someone else can give good ideas about this.

What size SD card do you have/use? It does seem to spaz out about big cards more than other cams sometimes.

im using a 32gb sd card, its super anoying, other wyze product have this problem ?

SD card size is fine. Is your SD card a Class 10?

No, all my other cams have actually been great without many SD card problems. I know there are lots of other people who say they haven’t had these issues with their pan cam either, so I thought maybe it was just a bug in mine or something, but every once in a while I read someone else like you saying they’re having some similar issues as I experience from time to time. I honestly haven’t put a lot of time into trying to resolve the issue, so I can’t give a ton of advice on how to get a permanent fix, but someone else with multiple pan cams may be able to chime in.