SD Card issue (Wyze Cam Pan)

Hey Everyone,

I bought a Wyze Cam Pan for the first time. And, I’ve used this card in my other Wyze Cam V2’s with no issue. Since moving it to Wyze Cam Pan and reformatting it in the app it will detect the card and say 119.5 GB’s out of 119.5 GB’s but refuses to record events and or continuous recording to the card. and, playback is empty.

Anyone know what could be causing this? I verified that recording of motion and sound events was on and any other recording events. I even turned up sound and detection recording as sensitive as it will go.

It’s a SANDisk Disk High Endurance (128GB) card. Specifically this one:

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I have a cam pan that just started two days ago saying that it didn’t have an SD card. And it has the same one that’s had in it since I initially installed it. And if I turn the toggle on and off on and off on and off eventually it will recognize the SD card but everything that was on it is now erased so I’m not sure if there’s something going on with pans or if there’s a firmware issue. But the v2s are starting to look better and better

So, doing more testing. I bought a new SD card from Walmart. This one also will not work. It’s a different 32gb card. It recognizes it but will not record still.

Also, switching back and forth between recording to SD card causes it to say “Operation Failed” and if you try to eject the SD card it also states “Operation Failed”.

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I got bored and decided to solve my issue by any means. instead of returning the camera.

Since this issue was not occuring on my other Wyze Pan cams or v2’s I decided that I’d flash the firmware for the Pan Cam’s latest update since “Operation Failed” seems like more of a Software related issue then hardware. I flashed the latest firmware available for the Pan Cam (I think it ends in .111 or something) and the camera completely reset. I put in the SD card and voila! it works and is recording without any operation failure errors. I think the first firmware update it installed when I first booted the camera must of not completed correctly or got corrupted somehow. I can even continuously record and access it in playback :smiley:

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just imagine how a non techie person would solve the issue - it wouldn’t happen : )

Well returning the camera for a new one would of probably solved the software issue too… Unless, you know you managed to brick the second devices firmware with double bad luck LOL

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