Pan cam sdcard issue

This thing will not record to local storage. I’ve tried other known working sdcards from my other wyze cams and it only says 1.86g/1.86g available. When inserted into my other cams it reads 32g/32g available. I’ve tried formatting the sdcards in both the pan and my other cams but still continues to says 1.86. When trying to do playback it says “No More”

You may have to reset the camera, or contact Wyze. Perhaps it’s a device issue and not an SD card issue.

if it is reading that upon the install I would say the card has an error and needs a full format done in a PC. just because they are “working” does not mean they are able to read their full capacity ( which can be blocked by errors on the card) which sounds like what is happening to yours. think of an error in this case like a road block…you can get on part of the road…but only so much…in this case…1.86G

what type of cards are you using?

I’m using Wyze Sdcards in all 4 of my cams. Normally I would agree with you but when I put the pan sdcard in another camera it reads 32/32 and when I take a good working one from a cam it gets read as 1.86/1.86 once installed in the pan cam. I had one more day to a no questions asked replacement so I just went ahead and cma just in case lol

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normally I support all things Wyze, but the Sd cards are ones that I dont use much as they are not high endurance cards. I think this was an oversight when the company was founded and I have in the past spoke with managers at Wyze about this. granted their warranty is bulletproof and covers any issue you might have ( save for a bear attack or aliens) but I would give a high endurance card such as a samsung pro endurance card a shot. im yet to find anyone that has had an issue with high endurance cards in our cams as they are made for this type of application.

but im also glad it worked out in timing for you!!!

Issue strangely fixed.

So to recap. I would take the SDcards from my other cameras and put them in the Pan cam where they wouldnt work but worked fine in the other cams.

I reordered a new Pan cam and… same dang thing. So in desperation I took your advice Bam and Ordered a Samsung Pro card.

It worked. Pan cam is now functioning as it should. Doesnt make sense to me but if it works…it works lol. Thanks

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Glad I could help. I think you’re going to have good luck with a high endurance card