Pan Cam not recording continuously to SD card

I currently have about 6 wyze cams. All are V2s with the exception of 1 which is a Pan Cam. The Pan Cam is the problem. I have an SD Card in each camera and set to continuous recording and all of them work perfectly except the Pan Cam.(well the sound is crappy on all of the cameras in live and playback but that is a topic for another day) When I go to Playback on the Pan Cam, there is never ever anything there. I have rebooted with and without the card inserted , changed the card , double and triple checked all of the settings and it will just not work on the Pan Cam. It says “no video at selected time”. I have scrolled back and there has never been a single bit of recording ever captured on the SD card to this camera. I can view live feed, I can view Event Video and I get motion detection notification about events so I am starting to think I have a dud with this camera with regards to recording in continuous mode to an SD card. I need help with figuring this out

Welcome to the community! Have you tried formatting the SD card in the Wyze app?

If that doesn’t work then you should try resetting the camera.

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