Not Recording to SD Card 12-23-2020

I have seen several older posts dating back to 2017, 2018, & 2019 citing problems recording to the SD Card. I don’t think this issue has ever been addressed. Looks to be a real hit and miss in getting this to work.

I currently have 2 - Wyze Pan-Cams with firmware version

Neither camera will not automatically record to the SD card.

  • Will record manually when viewing live when “record” is selected
  • Will NOT automatically record events or record continuously
  • Local recording is set to ON
  • SD card has been formatted several times using the Format SD Card function in the app

I’m having the same problem.

SD card is inserted, formatted, recognized by app. Set to continuously record to the SD card. Nothing is recorded, card shows as being mostly empty.

Wyze Cam v3, firmware (current firmware as of 1/7/2021)

Having the problem here…3 Pan Cams all with SD cards and set to continuously record. Everything was working fine for about a month…today I went on to view footage from last night as something happened on our property and there was nothing to view. It said no video for the time selected…When I went into the settings it was still set to continuously record…it still showed the SD card being there as internal storage but wasn’t recording and hadn’t recorded anything. I usually have to check my footage every other day or so to see something or other and usually have no problem but apparently something happened this last week (i had not checked it)…I went and checked my other cameras and it turns out 2 out of the 3 had this problem…just stopped recording. Has anyone else had this problem? I went through and reset both the Problem cameras then formatted the SD cards again and now they are recording fine again but how long will that last? Do I need to check everyday that my camera is doing what it is supposed to do? Because what happens when you go to review the footage for something important and it just isn’t there?

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