Cam pan v3 NOT Recording to SD card

My cam pan v3 is set to record events only to the SD card yet there is no showing of card space being used . I subscribed two cams to cam plus . My other cam is a battery pro which has the same setting and the SD card is showing space being used . Wondering if anyone knows why the cam pan v3 isn’t using the SD card . Is the WYZE SD card defective ?

Can you post a pic of the previous screen, the Event Recording, and Notifications.

I am asking as you can set different things in each area:

Event Recording: All Motion Events to On, and Smart Detection to what you need if appropriate

Notifications: Obviously what you would like to be notified on if appropriate

Advanced Settings page: This is where you turn on the ability to record to SD Card and if it will be Continuous or events only.

Any information on why cam is not recording to SD card ?

Take a look at your microSD in Manage SD Card and notice how much space is left.

Try switching to “All Motion Events” in Event Recordings and trigger it a few times. Afterwards, take a look at your microSD in Manage SD Card again to see if there’s a difference.

Lastly, you can physically remove the micro SD and check if it is actually recording the events on to the SD card. I’m assuming the events are not showing on the playback section timeline.

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This attached picture shows what I am now seeing when trying to use the SD card portion of my pan cam v3 .
I’m going to go with it’s a bad SD card . I’ll replace it and if the same thing happens then the camera is just junk .

Btw the SD card is a WYZE card bought with cam .

Your SD card is set to events only. Set it to “continuous” for troubleshooting.

It has been on continuously all along . I just switched to events only to see if it would make a difference and it hasn’t . Just like the moderator before you said to toggle between motion and smart detection . I am extremely frustrated with this issue it has been going on for weeks .

Hello , can anyone respond to my technical issue I am having regarding to SD CARD …. Please

The screen shots make me wonder what your live view with that camera looks like. If that’s normal, then I think you’re correct with this:

That’s when I’d wonder when this happened:

…because that would make me curious about whether or not you might be eligible for a warranty replacement. (I haven’t seen any indication of when you purchased the camera and card nor when this problem started, so those are still unknowns here.) In that case, I’d also wonder if you’ve opened a Support ticket with Wyze, because sometimes I’ve seen a Moderator jump in and help someone out when they’re not getting anywhere with the official Wyze Support—and two Moderators have already posted in this topic—but they typically seem to want a Support ticket number as a reference point.

What happened when you tried this?

I think you’ve already demonstrated some decent troubleshooting on your own and there are still some unanswered questions out there (at least in my mind) that might help to lead to some kind of resolution.

Thank you for the follow up response. I did open a ticket a few months ago , I can not find the tkt# as far as proof of purchase see attached

I noticed you bought a 128GB Wyze microSD card, but the app is showing you have a 32GB card inserted. Did you insert the 128GB card into the Cam Pan V3? If you did then I think your microSD is corrupted. Try formatting your microSD on the camera. If that doesn’t work then it is ideal to take out the microSD card and format it on your PC or phone.

In my experience, corrupted micro SD usually happens due to insufficient power to the camera like voltage dropping too low when using very long USB cables or defective power adapter. Another scenario where this happens is power surge / power outage causing the camera to corrupt the recordings and the internal controller locking it up from further writes to the SD card.

On the topic of micro SD cards with continuous recording, I tend to buy 128GB High Endurance cards from SanDisk / Samsung as they have more rewrite cycles. In general, higher capacity microSD cards will have more rewrite cycles in the Wyze camera as it takes longer to fill up and also they tend to use higher quality flash NAND. Overall, they are a little bit more expensive, but so far they have been holding on pretty well since 2021. One thing to keep in mind is that SanDisk and Samsung are two of the most counterfeited brands so you will need to pay attention who the seller is and who is fulfilling it if you buy from Amazon.

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Thank you , you’ve been very informative.

Have you tried a new or different card for trouble shooting?

I have two Pan having exactly the same issue. I replaced the SD card twice with no improvement. I even swapped the SD card from OG which was working but after installing in Pan, same issue. I submitted the logs and debug to Wyze about 3 months ago. No update yet. Looks like issue with Pan corrupting the SD cards.

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Even when format the card from the app it only goes to 00.02 . I also reformatted sad card on my pc no luck still not recording any clear video . Card is corrupted some how , I’m going to get a different brand sd card today or tomorrow other than WYZE and if the issue isn’t fixed than it’s the pan cam v3 imo . Even after setting it to continuous for the last 24 hrs very little space is being used on the 32 gb card .