Micro SD recording

My Cam Pan V3 records events only,
It will not continuously record!

Anyone else has this problem?

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @dsellers58! :raising_hand_man:

I am running the most up to date firmware version on App 2.45 and not having any issues on my PanV3 cams recording continuously to microSD.

Are you running the most up to date firmware and app?

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As @SlabSlayer indicated, I also am not having any issues with continuous recording.

Continuous recording requires an SD Card. Then go to Settings > Advanced Settings , make sure you have record to MicroSD Card turned on.

Also, when you first go into the Live Stream and click on Recent Events, those will only show events and not continuous recording or the MicroSD Card. You would need to tap on SD Card in the Menu below the Live Stream.

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Thanks for replying!!
I am using latest firmware…
Support recommended a hard reset of camera.
I can only post 1 picture. I do have “record to microsd card” and “ continuous “ turned on.
Will try reset and different card tomorrow.

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If it isn’t a janky card, I would suspect a poor connection with the router is causing the SD History to not load. In my experience, when the cam is having trouble navigating the WiFi because if a weak, slow, or obscured connection, the first sign is the SD history is very slow to load.

If you read the card in a computer, you might find that it is actually recording video to the “Record” folder.

Thanks everyone for your input,
I put on a new SD card and now it records continuously.


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Awesome! Glad you found a solution! After I went through several iterations of discount cards that failed, I finally resigned myself to only purchasing High Endurance cards that are specifically designed for use in Security and Dash Cams.

There are many users here in the forum that will swear by (and occasionally at) their particular favorite. I have had success with both Samsung and Team Group HE cards.