Pan cam doesn't show any recordings

All three of my wyze can pans can be viewed to see the current stream, yet none show video under the events tab and there is no previously recorded playback available even though they all have sd cards and are set for continuous recording. All my wyze cam v1/v2 show video and events. Only way to get there video is remove the sd card and insert into computer. All cameras use the same wifi.

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Have you tried…
-power cycling your cameras?

-formatting the SD cards :bangbang: (this will delete all video on camera) :bangbang:
-trying a new SD card. (If your SD cards aren’t the FAT32 format they won’t work)

If all that doesn’t work you might have to try a factory reset.

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I’ve tried power cycling, restarting, deleting and re adding, formatting, new SD card, checking for updates, different WiFi.

They have been like this since new out of the box

Have you set up the cameras for detection? Note that the sensitivity level required for a Pan Cam is vastly different than for a V2.
I also want to make sure we are talking the same animal. You mentioned the events tab, but also continuous recording to SD card. Those two have no relationship with each other. Either how they are generated or how they are viewed. Which are you trying to use?

Yes they are setup for both continuous recording and events. Neither show. I can only view live video. Three doing the same thing makes me think this is a wyze issue.

The date on the previous recording window shows Dec 31, 1969.

Search the forum about that date. I don’t remember what it is, but I have seen an issue involving that date mentioned here.

As @K6CCCnsaid this was an issue for a lot of people but it only seems to be with continuous recording on the Cam Pan.

You’ll see that I replied to others as well. I’ll tag (again) @WyzeGwendolyn and the @WyzeTeam. Hopefully the issue can be fixed!

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I think that all you are saying is that this is a Wyze Cam Pan issue and we have to wait on Wyze to fix it!

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Seems like it, the weird thing is that I have 3 pan cams, 2 I bought a while back and the 3rd one was bought this month and at times it will read the sd card only if you restart the camera, only then it will start recording BUT once the camera uses up the memory in the card it will not rewrite old files, can’t be formatted since the app will freeze and give you the sd card is not available. Once that message pops up you have to forcefully close the app in order to be able to leave app.

Your issue sounds like a bad SD card. Try it in a computer, does it work there? If you swap cards with the other pans, does the problem stay at the one pan? Or does it follow the card?

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Done that already.

  • Tried memory card on the other pan cams and v2 and the card worked.
  • Formatted card on PC no luck, through cam no luck, through SD card formating app and no luck, keeps giving the same problem on the camera.
  • Tried memory cards from working cams and gave me same error
  • Did power cycle and same thing
  • Did factory reset and same thing
  • Removed sd card and tried the cloud service and that did work fine.

It might seem that wyze pan cam owners are being forced to buy a subscription to the cloud service in order to be able to use the continuous recording function.

Honestly, I’m suspecting a bad camera in this case. I’d recommend contacting customer support. Sorry for the trouble!

Wyze Customer Support

@Brlepage, thanks for tagging me in again! And thanks to everyone else for the troubleshooting assistance. :slight_smile:

By the way, the 1969 date is the epoch date. Something funky is definitely going on. Though that is usually an intermittent or temporary error.