Pan v2 doesn’t load or record events

Getting tired of the pan v2 not recording anything or it not loading. What’s up with it? I have to restart it for it to work but I’m not into doing that daily. Yes I have recording settings on and how they’re supposed to be. Also it’s right by the router so WiFi range isn’t a problem. Do I have a defective camera?

Following, I’m having the same problem. No event recordings.
I do get a notification on the phone and can playback the recording. But nothing in the event logs.

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As a follow up, two things to get to work!
1st, I forgot to format the memory card, I didn’t notice is said a couple mega bits. it’s a 128 GB card.
2nd, it wasn’t until I updated the app on my phone that I started seeing the events recorded.
Now it works as it should.

Same here. I’m tired of it. It won’t even turn on anymore. I plug it in light turns on then back off.