V2 not recording events

Hello, I am a newbie. I have 2 cameras, a Cam Pan and a V2. The Cam Pan is working just fine, but the V2 will not record any events, even if you are standing right in front of it. I’ve been looking at websites and forums all day and adjusted lots of settings, but can’t seem to get it working. I do not have an SD card. When I first installed the camera, it recorded my husband in front of the camera one time, but has since stopped working. Can someone please help me?

Hello @Btownrocks nd welcome to the community.

Can you tell me what your settings are on your V2.

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I’ve tried MANY different settings. The camera is in a window. It will record motion and sound, but not a person. I turned the camera around to face me and it recorded me as a motion, not a person. It will not detect me if I go out the door and stand in front of the camera. The camera faces the road and picks up every car going by if the motion is turned on. I just want to know if someone is standing on my porch. What specific settings do you want to know?

Ok you are the same person I was talking to on Facebook I think, so to get this to work in the settings under ‘Event Recording’ make sure 'Detects motion is on, under ‘Notifications’ make sure ‘Person’ is on, under ‘Detection Settings’ turn off any detection zone for now if you have it on and turn sensitivity up. Then under ‘Account’ in the app (lower right) go into WYZE services, switch person detection off for that cam, back out, then go back in and turn it back on.

After all of that try walking past the camera from 5 feet away or so and see what it does.


Tried all that, it didn’t work. I unplugged and restarted everything. It’s working now, but it’s still picking up all the motion from cars going by. No other spot I could put it that it won’t. If someone comes up on my porch in less than 5 minutes after detecting a car, it’s not going to catch it. Will getting an SD card help that? How about turning the sensitivity way down?

Getting an SD card will allow recording of all motion events or continuous recording, but I believe you are still stuck with the 5-minute cooldown for notifications (not entirely certain, but I am pretty sure notifications only can occur every 5 minutes at most, SD card or not).

Also, due to XNOR cancelling the lease for their AI, person detection will be going away later this month with an unknown time for reimplementation by Wyze’s in-house solution.


You are correct in that the notifications will only come every 5 minutes without CMC, but the SD will record all motion

Getting an SD card will allow you to record all motion but you still will only get a notification every 5 minutes. Because of the way person detection is set up currently that is how it will work. When it sees motion (a car going by) it analyzes for people and then goes into cool down.