Problem with v2 Camera and Motion Activated Notifications

I have 5 cameras in my app. Four are Cam Pan; the most recent is a Wyze Cam v2.

All four cameras Cam Pan cameras notify me of motion with the video. The new Cam v2 doesn’t. In fact it does not create a video of motion. I can get the camera to take a photo and record it in the album.

Here is the setup.

Network is correct.

IP address is correct.

WiFi Strength 100%.

Firmware: (Up to date).

Gear Icon

Event Recording - Detects Motion.

Notifications - Send Notifications; Motion.

Detection Notifications - Sensitivity; Motion High.

Advanced Settings - Night Vision Mode; Auto

Night Vision IR Lights

Camera Status Light

Bell Icon - No slash through icon.

Am I missing something?

I am having the same issue - 2 of the Wyze Cam 1080p - I think is or I am not sure is the first or no.2 - unclear on that LOL - my internet is working - it does like stream I can use the voice take photos or videos . I thought I set the rules to notify me if there is movement but maybe I misunderstood how to do that correct or must one have already added an SD cards? - also my understanding there is some kind of cloud this can be stored on. How do I do that or get access to that - thank you!

Some people in this thread were able fix the problem

Some info here