Wyze Cam V2 not Triggering Motion Detection

Hello everyone,
I have a Wyze cam V2, and have an issue where it will not send motion notifications or create an event when motion is detected. I have two other Wyze cam pans that work great with motion detection. I saw a thread based on this issue but couldn’t find an answer as to whether this is an issue with my camera or the software. Just curious if anyone has any feedback that could help!

I hope it’s not too dumb of a question, but do you have Event Recording turned on? Here’s how to check that:

  • Using the Wyze App, navigate to the Home tab and select any Wyze Cam.
  • Click the Settings icon SettingsGear__1_.pngon the top right
  • Select the Event Recording tab
  • Here you can turn on/off Detects motion and Detects sound .