Wyze cam v3 doesn't recognize motion

I can’t make Wyze v3 cam report motion sensing by any means. Enabled it in the menues. Also created IFTTT event. Nothing works. Pls help what to do.

I’m not an expert by any means, but please provide some answers so we can see if we can help you with the problem. Let’s start here. Is your v3 sensing and recording motion, and just not reporting it? Or is it not even sensing motion at all?

It allows me to select area of sensitivity that I made fairly large for the testing. It also shows some rectangulars within the image when I move. So I guess it does detect movement, but doesn’t send out any messages or triggers.

Welcome to the forums! Are you getting any events in the event tab from this camera? That’s be your first thing to get going. It can’t “report” or notify you if it doesn’t make events.

What are your event recording settings?

RESOLVED. After the events were set to active.