My cams are not recording any event or ever notifying me?

Just got two Wyze cams. Updated the firmware and running the latest version of the iOS app.
One of them has an official SD card installed and the other doesn’t.

I can stream them just fine and record photos and videos from the stream but that’s the only feature that works.

I went through all the settings and definitely enabled notifications and movement/sound/person detection.

I’ve tested it by walking in front of the cam often but never got any clip saved (to the cloud or SD card) or any notification whatsoever ever.

The timeline feature doesn’t work on the cam that has the SD card, I can’t scrub back in time.

Am I missing something?

Thank you so much.

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Is Are there 12sec clips in the ‘events’ tab, and just no notifications? Person detection is essentially just a filter that prevents the cam from sending you notifications with every motion event. So if you turn it to notify on all motion instead of person event, does it then notify correctly?

No there is no clip at all in the “events” tab for either camera.

Go to one of the cams, hit the gear icon in the upper right corner, and go to ‘event recording’, check that ‘detects motion’ is turned on.
Back out and go to ‘notifications’, check that ‘send notifications’ is on, and ‘all other motion’ is on. ‘person’ will toggle off when you turn ‘all other motion’ on.
Back out again, go to ‘event recording’. In ‘schedule’, either set it to ‘all day’, or make sure you’re not outside the time it’s told to monitor.

That should cover everything that has to be set to have it capture motion clips and notify to your phone.

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If these cameras are cam pan’s you need to set your detection setting slider at about 70%

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Just checked all of that and it’s all turned on!

These are not pans, just regular Wyze Cams.

If you haven’t done so already I suggest you Submit A Support Request

Just did - thanks.
I feel like i’ve invested enough time trying to figure it out, this doesn’t seem worth it, I’m gonna go look for a different product.

Thanks for the help!