New user, no notifications

I’m new to Wyze and can’t figure out why I’m not receiving notifications. As far as I can tell I have all notifications turned on.

What device, Camera? iOS, Android phone. Some more information would be required to have the other members here help you.


Welcome to the forums! As @Antonius stated, more info the better when trying to get troubleshooting help because it “paints the picture” for the rest of us that have no idea what your setup is.

I do have some additional questions, is it just notifications that you arnt getting? Or is there no event videos being created, therefore no notifications are received because there is nothing to notify you of? No notifs and no events are two different problems.

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I am using IOS Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam v3. I think I have figured it our, I think I need to turn on Even Recording and Notifications. Does that seem correct?

Yes event recording and notifications need to be turned.If you are using cam plus on the V3 there is another issue. If I set notifications to AI events I will get notifications of people but nothing else, no cars, trucks or anything else. If I turn on all other motion events I get notifications for everything. Confusing! My 4 outdoor cams send notifications for everything also.