Another notification thread

Wyze cam V3 flood light. Latest firmware, and for the flood light.
Wyze app 2.41.5
iOS 16.4.1

No notifications. The notifications within the Wyze app and on the iPhone are not working.

-The motion, sound, person events are recorded but no notifications.
-Account/Services/subscribed to Cam Plus Lite and camera is added.
-Account/Notifications/In-app is selected.
-Account/Notifications/Push notifications are selected.
-Account/App Settings/Cache setting is cleared.
-Camera/Event Recording/Record motion event selected
-Camera/Event Recording/Smart Detectors/People is selected
-Camera/Device/Notifications/Enabled (Motion Events – People / Other motion events selected)
-Camera/Advanced Settings/Record to MicroSD enabled, continuous (256GB exFAT format)
-Wyze app bell button is not muted.
No rules enabled.

-iPhone/Settings/Notifications/Allow Wyze notifications.

New camera to me, never had notifications working in any form.

Triple checked all the setting above.
Deleted and reinstalled the app.
Camera detection zone enabled/disabled, made no difference.
Removed Cam Plus Lite subscription and re enabled it.
Restarted camera.

Haven’t got around to deleting/resetting the camera. Need to grab a ladder to get to it.

So the events/movement are triggered and recorded, but there are no notifications in app or on the phone. I have to go to events and pull down to refresh to see the new ones. Seems like it’s an issue with the events in the app triggering the notification. Anything else that I’m missing?



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Hey D

I’m on Wyze Android app v.2.41.0 (200), v2 cams w/firmware, CamPlus Lite.

My settings are the same as yours except for this:

Here’s my CamPlus Lite services page, where all cams are listed as subscribed:

Home > Account > Services > Cam Plus Lite tab

And I’m getting Motion and Person Detection notifications. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the suggestion peepeep. I tried de selecting Person and Other motion events, but with no luck…

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Bummer. :slightly_frowning_face:

Does your iPhone notifications setting for Wyze look like this?


Allow notifications and Badges are enabled. I don’t think it’s a phone notification issue since I’m not getting any in app notifications either. I’ll give it a shot though

IL1, that worked. The iPhone notifications for locked screen and/or notifications center and/or banners must be turned on. Also had to turn back on the Motion events/Persons and Other motion events to get it to work. I guess the Wyze all doesn’t have the ability to do badge notifications.

Do the in app notifications work or is that not a thing? Am I supposed to get a flag somewhere whenever a motion event is triggered when I open the app?


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Glad it worked for you @dragoscscc! Others may have a more fine-tuned configuration, but I just decided to turn on everything to make sure I get all the notifications.

Unfortunately in-app notification is not what you think it is. It’s more for Wyze to send tips and promotions to users:

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