All fluxed up (don't worry the title will change)

Cam Plus Lite Screens for Success!

I find them dizzying. The matrix of settings screens related to Cam Plus Lite.

So I’ve put them here for future reference.

They will almost undoubtedly change.

The Wyze project is all fluxed up. :slight_smile:

Home > Account > Services > Cam Plus Lite tab

Home > Select Cam > Settings > Notifications

Cam > Settings > Event Recording

Cam > Settings > Event Recording > Smart Detections

The above screens represent a working instance of Cam Plus Lite, delivering Person Detection and associated Notifications. Ie, success, as I define it. :slight_smile:

Wyze Android app v.2.41.0 (200), v2 cams w/firmware

As of: 12:55 PM 4/27/2023

Topic inspired by grappling with the (still) non-working instance here:


Since resolved!

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