Is cam-plus-lite working?

OK, I subscribed to cam-plus-lite on January 12 and get no notifications, no recordings, nothing.

In my iOS app, I enabled 3 cameras in the “Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy)” section of my account settings. Yes, latest firmware in all cams. Yes, latest version of iOS app.

So now what? If I go to “Event Recording” settings for any of the camera’s settings, I see “Detects motion” (disabled, I don’t want it), “Detects sound” (disabled, I don’t want it) and a “Smart Detection” option. When I click on “Smart Detection”, I get a blank screen, OR I get a regular Cam Plus options screen.

So then I go to the “Notifications” options for the same camera and it says “You will not receive these notifications until you enable Event Recording”…which I just tried to do and failed. Shouldn’t there be something like an “Enable cam-plus-lite AI event recording” option or something?

What am I missing?

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In Event Recording you still need to turn on Detects Motion as this is required.

Then in Notification turn on Wyze AI Events for Person Notification. Below is a couple pictures of mine.

Also note, Cam Plus Lite will only record 12 seconds so if a person is not noticed in that time, you will not be notified.

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Mine have been all on and I haven’t been getting any notifications/videos since I did the switch.

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I have same problem. One cam does not show the Smart Detection setting under Event Recording and it detects Person events just fine. The other cam shows Smart Detection but none of the events with people in it are recognized as Person. Both cams are on the Cam Plus Lite Legacy plan.

Also, when you click on Smart Detection, every time you get a different followup screen: Either Person detection is toggled on and nothing else is shown on the next screen; or a whole bunch of AI events are shown and none are toggled on. Clearly something is messed up.

There’s clearly something wrong, my last doorbell video is from 1-25-22, haven’t had anything since. It had a few videos every day. Same with the rest of them. Someone needs to jump on this asap.

I’ve waited a few days before posting this follow-up so I could evaluate how cam-plus-lite is working.

First, many thanks to @spamoni4 for solving most of my problems: You need to enable “Detects Motion” before any of it works. Maybe it was obvious to some of you that person detection AI events were a “motion thing”, but I don’t recall seeing that mentioned in any other forum postings or in any of the minimal documentation provided by Wyze.

Perhaps it was just my wishful thinking that I could get person detection without having to suffer through dozens of motion events that mean nothing to me. My cam is in the front of the house and I’d like to get notification of people walking up my sidewalk without having to see all the traffic and lighting changes that happen through the day. I know I can filter out the motion reports, but it seems to me that Wyze could save a lot of cloud space by simply allowing us to record events of persons or packages without having to store the times my neighbor across the street opens his garage door.

Also, while person detection is working, it doesn’t seem consistent. I get reports of persons walking on the other side of my street, but no reports of delivery people walking up my driveway. I’m experimenting with sensitivity and zones to see if I can fine-tune the performance. Does anyone have further tips on this?

Thanks for the report.

You may be caught up in the 5 minute Cool Down with Cam Plus Lite. Basically, when motion is detected it will record for the 12 seconds and then it does a 5 minute cool down before triggering another event. You can add an SD Card to the Camera and set it for continuous recording. Then you know you will capture everything. There is no cool down for this.

The only other option is to sign-up for Cam Plus which eliminates the Cool Down and the 12 second recordings.

In all cases, you will have to weed through the events or filter for Person. I like the idea of only recording or saving recordings based on what your AI preference is. You may want to add this to a Wish LIst item if it is not there already.

Person detection is not working since the 1st on Cam Plus

CamPlus and CamPlus lite are not the same. Lite is what used to be called “Legacy Person Detection” and lacks much of the functionality of CamPlus.

OK so I am a Legacy PD subscriber - I have Cam Plus Lite as an active service. I have it enabled for 2 of my 3 cameras (V2, and Pan) - I have the camera firing off Motion Detection and I ONLY want to be alerted to People which means I have Wyze AI Events selected for both cameras. I get 12 sec motion captures but ZERO notifications when people are obviously in the capture - I have toggled stuff back and forth like a nut hoping to fix this issue - any thoughts on WHY my captures are not being scanned for People. I have had Wyze cameras for multiple years and every time they issue a update I CRINGE. I was given the 14 day FREE Cam Plus trial on the last forced update and I knew that was going to be the death of my Legacy PD detection once that lapsed. Again I was 100% correct -

Thoughts other than Removing and Re-Installing ALL my cameras

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My cam plus lite doesn’t provide person detection notification even tough person detection is enabled. I have raised a ticket and provided a log, but still pending any resolution. Is there a work around to this? Appreciate your advice.


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CAM plus lite is definitely not working. I get motion notifications and even sound notifications coming through but no people notifications. I have selected AI notifications to be sent. I can see people in the 12 second recordings from all three of my cameras and still no people events.

I have submitted a couple of logs but they are probably useless as the problem appears to be in the AI person detection on the Wyze servers and not with the cameras or app.


I assume everyone has read this on the support web site:


Thanks WildBill. It’s dated Feb 4 so that’s a week ago. I don’t know what their typical rollout time for a fix would be and especially for one that causes the basic functionality to fail, I assume it will be as short as possible. However, from my days of server product management and development, I know that sometimes the fix is really hard to find and then regression testing can take a lot longer than you hope it will.

When I chatted online a couple of days ago about the problem, the service rep never mentioned it.

Hopefully, they’ll get it rolled out soon.

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I’m getting decent person detection results now.

I found that person detection doesn’t seem to kick in until you set the sensitivity high enough. On the cam’s “Detection Settings” I have the “Motion Detection Sensitivity” set to “90” and I’m getting decent person detection on the center of the field of view. Persons are still not detected on the periphery. No, I have not turned on the “Detection Zone” because I have a Pan Cam that I need to rotate now and then.

My current dissatisfaction is that lighting changes trigger motion events and I don’t care about non-person motion events anyway. Two examples: (1) When a car drives down my street and its headlights shine through my garage door windows, I get a “garage motion event”. (2) My neighbor across the street has photoelectric-triggered coach lights on his garage and they are defective, flashing on and off every 15 minutes or so. I woke up to dozens of “motion events” caused by these flashing lights. I have submitted both of these events multiple times as feedback, hoping Wyze uses them to retrain the AI.

Tried that - set detection sensitivity up to 90. I still get the motion detection but not the person detection. Using a Cam3. Person detection worked just fine when I was on CAM Plus but not on Cam Plus Lite. So it really does look like a server problem.


I can’t enable person detection on lite. It just sends me to the subscription page for plus. I have lite enabled for the camera.

We have 25 cameras here, about 8 were recently added (once they fall off the ~required~ camplus trial, camplus lite does not work with them regardless of settings). I have been a member of legacy detection for a long while since way back when. Dec 19 my non-camplus cams suddenly came capable of being added to legacy PD. Worked like a charm, then the announcement came for camplus lite, maybe an update (?), and all extra v3s and pan cams (v2) stopped working. I was looking at my event listings and just noticed all stopped all PD detections, along with newly added cams once the trials ended, every single v3 and pan cam. I sent in logs for every one of those cams, sent it to jimmy on FB, he said thanks and they’re working on it, But honestly, that was two weeks ago. No idea of anything resembling a timeline til this stuff works (IE new firmware of a new app version enabling it all).
My issue goes for me, and 5 more accounts I manage for people I convinced to add wyze cams, ordered for them and installed for them.

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Their documentation isn’t perfectly clear but it seems that if the camera is registered for lite, then all events will go to lite. Then the issue is notifications. You can go into camera settings and set the notifications for any motion and/or for Wyze AI events. Since Lite only has “person” notifications, you just need to enable “Wyze AI events”. There is no other setting.

Of course the fact that it’s not working right now makes it harder to figure that out.


I can’t help but think this is some BS scam to make “Legacy WYZE” user upgrade to CAM-Plus! Instead of leaving my services alone every time the play with it they automatically break it - blows my mind!! I stopped buying cams and won’t even consider other product lines until they get this right. No more recommendations either -

** As of 2/15 my Person Notifications started working - fingers crossed they say working**