Is cam-plus-lite working?

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Updated my cameras to firmware update and all cameras are now getting person events.


Firmware update fixed it for me as well thanks

I have Wyze Cam v2 and made sure the settings are correct as per screenshots in the thread. My current firmware is - the last time I had person detection working without issues is when my firmware was (November 18, 2020)

I made one more additional change and it seemed to have fixed it. I updated the motion sensitivity from 20% to 40% - now it seems to be detecting fine. Not sure if something had changed between firmwares as 20% used to work just fine.

I still cannot seem to get Person Detection to work. I have everything setup and checked off properly, my detection sensitivity is 50. I get numerous Motion detections that clearly have people in them but none show up as Person detection events.
I even had a guy try to break into my car the other night probably 6 feet from the camera and still wasn’t detected as a person.

Cam plus light was working great but now it says I’m enrolled on the website but it appears as if I’m not signed up.

What do you see in the app - go to account then services, look under cam+lite?