CamPlusLite person detection

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I have all my cameras enrolled in cam plus lite. I have working rules with some cameras to send notifications or trigger actions upon person detection. However whenever I try to set up new rules/notifications I am constantly nagged to upgrade to full camplus.

I have detects motion turned on under event recording and and notifications. Under event recording, I click smart detection and the. Turn on person, and I’m prompted to upgrade to camplus.

Am I in the wrong spot? Wyze really doesn’t make it easy to set this up. :triumph:

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Nope, you are in the right spot and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing to get Person Detection 12s Event Recordings with Notifications for all events.

The way you have your settings now, with PD notifications and Motion notifications on, you should be getting a push notification for every motion only and Smart AI tagged PD event.

The popups are Wyze being extremely annoying trying to push the paid subscriptions. Those alone are enough to drive customers to other options.

But I can’t turn on person detection. That’s the frustrating part. If I try I’m nagged to upgrade.

I have cam plus on a different set of cameras I manage, and i get the AI options for those cameras, but not for My cameras that only have cam plus lite.

I’ll probably just have to give in and pay for person detection even though it was promoted as a free feature when I bought my cams.

No, don’t give in. That’s what they want.

My apologies. I did not understand that you were not getting the PD in CPL from your original post. I thought that the popups we’re the issue.

Since it’s inception, CamPlus Lite has been a bit… buggy. Like Tropical Rain Forest Buggy! :beetle:

There are others here in the forum who have experienced the same. I am providing links below to forum topics you can read discussing this.

Others have found a suggested solution in completely canceling the CPL subscription within the “My Account” section of and then resubscribing to a brand new CPL license opting for the $0.00 free amount. Then reassigning the target cam to the new subscription.

I agree with @SlabSlayer - don’t give in! unless it’s a critical issue. But if security is critical, then I would not be using wyze. In my case, I deleted the camplus lite from my subscriptions - nothing is in my account on the web, but I go into my app and the original cpl remains and the app, beta app at least 2-3 times updated, removed and re-installed, cache cleared, cams reset. even got camplus trial and assigned cams to get them out of the cpl then tried to re-subscribe and that’s when I ended up with two camlites in my app. Again deleted it on my web acct, but the orig persists in my app and app refuses to display the options. Wyze solution - delete acct, reset every device and start over! Well, if I have to go that far, I’ll just go to another brand that actually cares about customers. If wyze really cared, @WyzeDongsheng are you listening? they would give us with these account related problems the full camplus as an open ended trial until they can fix their corrupted backend. But they’d rather force people like you into paying and let people like me walk away. Been reading some decent posts on other threads about a crest and they are looking a lot more attractive to me right now.

Although pd is part of cp lite, it’s not a detection toggle. Only option is for notifications so you can toggle on pd notifications and toggle off motion so you only get the notifications for people. At least that’s how I remember it before wyze screwed up my acct. somewhere there should be a checkbox for video, but I don’t get that option either. I could be wrong on the options since my acct has been messed up since March, but that’s how I remember it.

A cam on CPL does have an active toggle for PD under Event Recording>Smart Detection. That toggle can be activated and deactivated. The selections for the other AI have disabled toggles.

I am on an older App version, so I still have the option under CPL to choose either a 12s Video event or a Thumbnail Image.

However, recent upgrades to the app and the CPL cloud have defaulted all CPL to 12s video while the Basic\No subscription gets only thumbnails. This was supposedly done to avoid confusion within the Events page.

The toggles for PD notifications and Any Other Motion are also active.

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Ok. I haven’t been to those settings since last year. Once I set them I had no need to revisit until they screwed my acct in March- since then I can’t select PD, I like others only get the nag screen for cam plus. Meanwhile I do get video events and was getting PD. So I just thought PD was always on with the change in March. But since I can only get motion notifications, I had to turn my sensitivity down to 20-25 to limit getting every stinking leaf wiggling notification, but this seems to limit the PD ability of this cam. I was getting PD as long as I had motion enabled. But recently it hasn’t been reliably detecting me out back.

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Understood. Same issue as the OP and others here in the forum. Reinforces my statement about the industrial scale Wyze bug farming.

I can’t really tell anyone how to fix it as I am experiencing my own personal brand of classic Wyze bugs, just not this one.

But, since CPL can be subscribed at no cost, my only suggestion was to terminate the subscription and start over. It appears though that might not be a solution as you have indicated your original CPL has remained in your app.

I also recall from other topic posts that the CPL subscription deletion was also the solution for the inability to unassign a cam from CPL if a user did not have a CP license to move it to.

Regardless, for you and @subrec, CPL is NOT working as designed and Wyze should be actively assisting.

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Just curious about two things. First, are they V2 cameras? Second, are you running RTSP firmware?

I have a mix of v2 & v3. If I had alerts and triggers and whatnot setup, they will continue to work for me, but because the nag screen gets in the way and the settings are missing, I can’t really modify them. If i did not have rules/alerts/triggers setup, I can’t set them up. Oh, and I’m not running RTSP. Just normal out of the box use.

I gave up today and paid for CP for 1 camera. This restores my ability to make changes as I can move the subscription from camera to camera as changes need to be made.

One thing I have learned over the years is that Wyze does not care about customer feedback and problems with their products. They won’t fix them. It’s pretty much an as-is product. If you look at the thread of people asking for notifications for devices going offline, you’d know what I’m talking about. Basic security 101…alert if the system goes down. Add is as a CP feature if they have to monetize it. You should have figured out by now that they will monthly charge you to death on a product that many of us bought into specifically because there where no monthly fees!looks for “camplus plus pro platinum” level to arrive in 2026 for yet another up charge.

Thanks for the help everyone. To me, them magic word in the solution was “bug”. Since it’s been happening to others and going on for some time, I know they won’t fix it, the the easy fix on my side is to just pay them to fix it so I can move on. It’s sad, but that’s where Wyze support is.

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Initially I was told it was just me and they couldn’t reproduce it so couldn’t fix it. I sent in my share of log files. Worked through all the resets and reported back with more info and screenshots. Ultimately they gave up trying. Even @WyzeGwendolyn gave up and said only option is to delete acct and start over. However no one at wyze took the hint that they could fix this by giving us camplus on a temporary basis while their software contractors track down the bug. If it were just the handful they attest to that are affected, it’s a worthy way to build goodwill and retain customers.

If anyone cares, the AWS Rekognition site lays out the various costs for video analysis using their AI system. It’s not going to break wyze to help out a small number of customers avoid going through a major hassle that was caused by Wyze themselves with no fault of the customer.

What this also reinforces is that Wyze has zero in-house talent, they only generate ideas and manage projects, then market the products and attempt to support customers, but I’ve seen nearly zero techs that truly understand the software side so they run through the scripts until they can determine if it’s customer error or a device failure that may be covered under warranty. For these tricky backend account problems, they got no one and have to rely on the contract software developers.

Since my ho insurance offers a decent discount for security monitoring, I got cam pro on one v2 to get the certificate. My other is on the camlite which like most others I bought specifically for the free PD and cloud video. As for cam pro, I t’s another wyze offering not ready for prime time… it relies on the AI and for whatever reason it continually misses people coming in but does ok getting people leaving. Due to the tree shadows triggering events, I’ve turned the sensitivity down which helps but I still get cars going by on the fringe of the detection zone as motion events since I turn off vehicle events due being bombarded with notifications for our car parked in the driveway. The detection zone selection is too coarse to eliminate everything necessary to focus where we need attention. It’s so stripped down you cannot share the security functions like arming, disarming, testing, nor can we add a backup contact. One phone number and if that one is not available, expect a police visit! I’ll be canceling once the insurance inspection is complete.

On the bright side, I now know exactly what to look for in other systems for when we move and may need some real security.

The good news, is that Wyze is aggressively hiring. Whether that will see benefits in terms of better SW overall, I don’t know. I really hope they understand that customer support is essential to the operation of a leading player in this market. We have people with no technical knowledge buying products and needing help. It’s not a start-up anymore.

Hey Slabslayer, I forwarded the info you requested about 1 week ago & have not herd back. My Cam Plus is about to run out. Please forward a fix for my person detect issue so I can renew my subscription,

@dogwood1614, I am not a Wyze employee. I am a user just like you. I don’t have any power to forward or submit anything to Wyze.

Any info I may have suggested you submit would have been in response to a request to do so by Wyze.

I did see that you have been active on the FIx-It Friday Topic and replied to @WyzeJasonJ’s post. He is a Wyze Employee and can direct your info to where it needs to go.

Good Luck!

I just tried on mine ( iOS - App 2.32.0 (20) ). The camera is on cam plus lite.

I added a rule → device trigger → Detects a person → turn on a light. I did not see the issue you are describing.

It would be helpful if you could post a video screen recording and your app version.


The OP no longer has CPL. Because of the app\cloud not recognizing the CPL license on the affected cam and constantly returning pop-up adds to upgrade to CP, the OP upgraded it to CP to get it to work.

However, @ChemEngr apparently still has the issue with a CPL assigned cam not being recognized as CPL.

This issue, however, speaks to the larger problem with subscriptions not working properly on cams to which they have been assigned. This is not an isolated incident. For example, I have a WCPv1 assigned to CP for over a year which only recently began to act as though it is only on CPL. And, I am not alone in paid subscriptions being downgraded by some glitch without any resolution or account credit:

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These are older screen shots from before I went trough the resets to try to get these cams to release. It’s late now so I’ll refresh tomorrow with new screen shots since I unsubscribed on my web acct which got rid of one instance of CPL However the original instance of CPL - the one that says “web” remains and will not clear out and this keeps my cam stuck in limbo since the options for CPL are not available in my app, even after reinstalling, clearing cache, signing out, deleting the cams and resetting them - I have done everything suggested except delete my account and start over. Not a normal suggestion from any company I’ve had an account with ever in my many decades of life.

The bottom line is you could give those you’ve screwed up cam plus via an open ended or recurring trial until your backend software people can fix these problems. As a test, Jimmy on discourse suggested I try a camplus trial to reassign the cams, it worked only to move them off CPL. Even with no CPL devices or acct subscription, this “web” camplus lite persists and when I canceled camplus, I was able to reassign the cams but the normal PD options never appear in my app. As mentioned before, I suggested one way wyze can make this right for those who have accounts screwed up by wyze, is to let us have camplus, I’ve been ignored so far. In my case all I need is PD and video - it is the only reason I bought these cams.

At this point it’s become very difficult to remain a customer. I’m currently trying cam pro on one cam, but due to its orientation sideways, it rarely detects faces and often fails to detect people approaching. I’ll be canceling it and hoping PD still works when I return the cam to my “ghost” cam lite-web.

Thank you for the heads up. I am not real computer savvy and do not visit these sites very often, just here to try to solve my issue. Thanks again,

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@WyzeDongsheng - here’s your requested screen recording that illustrates my problem that was created when you changed from legacy PD to camlite. Note that I don’t even see PD try to toggle on before the popup for camplus. All was working just fine before the change. Also note that I do not have any camlite subscription, you can check my web acct - others at Wyze have already confirmed my account has no camlite service! I did try camplus to move this cam off camlite, it worked fine on camplus. When I canceled camplus which I do not need for this cam, the camlite web is back - I still video on this cam but seems I lost PD. I’ve done EVERYTHING asked by Wyze other than completely deleting my account to start over with all my devices from scratch. My luck the system will detect my email is the same for the new account and reassign this ghost camlite! Everyone at Wyze has been wrong to-date on fixing this problem and I have spent way too many hours on fruitless suggestions from your techs and support. Recreating a new account is too much to ask. I’ve had account glitches from banks to some gov sites and in every case the account glitch, such as stuck old contact info, was eventually cleared without my need to start over. It’s absurd to tell a customer to delete acct, reset every device and start over.