CAM Plus Lite and Smart Detection Event Recording

I have CAM Plus Lite and trying to enable Smart Detection Events under Event Recording, but it sends me to a page to subscribe to CAM Plus. I do have Person Detection enabled under Smart Detections. How can I enable Smart Detection Events under Event Recording with CAM Plus Lite?

Cam Plus Lite (CPL) is not eligible for the additional AI options under Smart Detections, nor can CPL record only Smart Detection events. CPL allows recording, and optionally notifying of, all Motion events plus the tagging of AI type (Smart Detection type) Person. Events are 12s max with a cooldown period of 5m between events.

Quitre annoying the Person Detection
has been removed from users, OG, and V3’s

Not sure what to tell you other than I still have person detection active and working well under Cam Plus Lite on my Cam v2 and Cam v3 cams. I’ve never seen it on Cam OG and probably never will.

Today my “Alley” Cam V3, did not detect me walking down the alleyway.
3x times today
I had checked logs a few times earliers today…
nothing no person detected.

Then Just checked logs again this evening,
and NOW it shows one “Person Detection” event shows up for early 7 AM, when there was multiple times 3+ during the entire day today.

It should have detected me or anyone else walking down the alleyway,
as it normally did in the past.

My 2 OG’s months back detected people, then it stopped for a while, and I read in the news/support groups of others experiencing the same issue, as it was said Wyze removed the Person Detection, and only way to get it was through CAM Plus subscription…

I just checked both OG’ cams and seems they are back to detecting people…( not sure if that has to do with me signing up for Cam PLUS for 1 cam today…)

Actually, It seem It does…
Because all days PRIOR to today, there is NO person detection, in the OG Cam Logs. - and this cam faces a busy street with lots of people walking by daily.

CPL has 5-minute cool down, during which it won’t check for events.

I understand
But I see the difference in detections Before & Aft
I have had the setup for some years now.

It’s not detecting like it use to
and not performing “Person detections”

As I had mentioned before the Alley Cam, I was in my alley a few times today…Checked logs, no person detected…Cheched this evening, THIS Mornings detection was finally showing. All other times during the day I was in the alley, still never detected “Person”

In the past, with the same setup, config, it detected me or other family members in the alley.

Ah OK, as long as it’s understood. I have Cam Ultimate and it sometimes happens to me, too. How Do I know? I can cross-check from the SD recordings. Rare, but I see a few (what I would consider) person/car events on SD but on the cloud.

Edit - I’m not downplaying Cam Plus. It has helped me catch a thief. My daughter’s guitar was stolen by someone temporarily staying with us. Cam Plus caught the thief sneaking out at 4am carrying the guitar and I was unaware of the incident.

I did see the wrecked guitar dumped at the the curb; it was garbage collection day. The thief thought it would have been collected before I noticed it. That led me to check the previous recordings. We booted the person, filed a complaint with the police dept (along with the footage) and changed the locks.

I have discovered last night, by adding 1 cam, to Cam Plus, brings back Person Detection to ALL cams I have…even though I only have 1 cam under Cam PLus…

Shhhh !
Dont tell anyone,:grinning:
its a design flaw by Wyze
Instead of the Person Detection feature being PER Cam, its Per User Account, with all cams assigned to the account.

Overall this tells me total control for Person Detection is provided from the Cloud…
Where in the past I believe Person Detection was local to each cam.

And they are doing this to make more $

I had Cam Plus a while ago, ( over a year or so ago) but stopped using it to save on monthly costs, especially since everything is going up in costs.
I think its a decent app, but with 13 devices, streaming data up to the cloud, also caused a bandwidth hit …plus all the interruptions and outages they have had, I resorted to just local.

That is great!
that you were able to cathc the thief, I hope those that steal, get their day in court…

Be aware

This device thieves are now using

Makes ALL Wireless communications, totally useless
Security Cams, Wi-Fi, SmartPhone usage ( when the device is turned on, you can’t make phone calls, or use your Wi-Fi or sec cams.

Thieves are using it now a days…

Only solution is to have Ethernet ( cable/netowrk connected cams)

Warning about burglars using electronic devices to disable WiFi in homes

Doesn’t Cam Plus Lite have person detection? It’s been over a year so I might be mistaken.

Just to state the situatoin again
Always had Person Detection in the PAST using CPL.
Only in recent months it was lost from OG, and signs in the last few days, lost on V3’s

It all poped back in place once I signed up 1 Web Cam using Cam Plus.
Signing up, affected ALL my cams detection.

“Detections” are managed by Cloud con

many “Person” events that were not detected days prior
Suddnely show up on my V3 Cam aftrer signing up 1 of myt Cams, to Cam Plus
Now all my cams are detecting precisly “Person”
All because 1 Cam was activated under Cam Plus

This is a software development issue/policy of Wyze,
without me getting into the tech details.

I understood what you posted before, but what I meant was CPL already had that capability. That you had CPL and no person detection is a bug but you found a workaround to re-enable it. It still doesn’t detract from the fact that CPL itself has that capability in the first place.

Ok, wasn’t sure if you remembered my past postings, nothing personal, as “people” tend to browse /read topics but not keep the entire "scope of what was previously said, …I do the same thing sometimes, read posts, browse posts, but not fully absorb everything stated in the past postings, kind of like surfing posts.

Yes, CPL previously had that capability before
What is causing the missing Person Detections on OG and V3’s
To me, since Person Detection “Feature” is now controlled from the Cloud, On/Off etc

So if there are any errors in the app, cloud, etc, person detection could drop off.

Softrware issues

Example: one of the things Wyze states is to Check Software version and Firmware if Person Detection is not working.

  1. Check your app and firmware versions. Release Notes & Firmware
    For me I always stay up to date on Updates, Software or Firmware.,…So if the 2 of the cams OG/ V3 stopped detecting “Persons” it would point to software/cloud issue.

The V3 pro apparently has AI built in, so it would not rely on the cloud or cloud settings for person detection - All other cams without AI built in would.

Seems that V3 Pro, can “Detect Person” does it Locally using AI.
Were all other cams rely on the Cloud/Software for this.



Sep 2023

The v3 PRO does AI detection on the camera. Not sure if the Pro will meet all of your other needs but I would start by looking here.

Wyze Labs, Inc

Wyze Cam v3 Pro: The 2K smart camera you’ve been waiting for.

Everyone relax. The professional has arrived. Meet the all-new, pro-version of our #1 best-selling camera. 2K. Built-in spotlight. Edge AI. And all the usual indoor/outdoor, two-way audio, microSD-ready, IP65 goodness you’ve come to expect from the…

Yes, there seems be bugs in the app, OR software policy changes
I remember ( and looked for past postings) on users stating OG did not detect Persons --and people were complaining- but could not find any postings since they ALL expired after 3 months… It was not long after the release of the OG model.

Overall there is no explination for my V3 to stop detecting “Person” unless it happened during a Cool Down period of the cam. But that still doees not explain, there were multiple times, a person walked down the alleyway, and the cam did not detect “person”

When I signed up one of my cams to Cam Plus
ALL the days history, AND persons SHOWED UP in the logs of the AlleyCam

And the one CAM Plus license I purchased, was assigned to a Cam at the Front of my home, NOT the Alleycam.

As I mentioned before, Person Detection is assigned to User Account, not individual Cam’s under the User Account.

It still does to an extent. Because that’s where the event footage is and that’s where notifications come from. It still has to upload the event recording. It doesn’t directly notify the app, but I don’t see why it couldn’t.

Edit -

No I wasn’t offended at all. Just trying to clarify things.

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True :+1:

So I wouldl understand the Pro as person detection locally using the builtin AI chip
Where as other cams the AI is detected by Software and filterinjg the image, and then identifying “Person” , all while all cams upload.

I am still amazed that after I assigned 1 lincense to a different camera, that ALL the days recordings Person Detections showed up on the Alley Cam logs.

Glad we clarified thingsđź‘Ť