Cam+Lite person detection gone again

Legacy user. I have five V2 cams. Managed to figure out how to get person detection working again after the February shenanigans. Then a camera died on me so I just got another used Ebay V2 cam to replace it, added it to the app and now my person detection is gone on all cameras, unless of course, I want to “upgrade.” to CamPlus or whatever.

How do I get it back?

Dear Wyze, I’m sorry Apple bought out your in camera person detection from under you. They’re a scum company. Stop trying to be like them.

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As a long ago hard core programmer, it’s not that hard:

App startup, check plan type, if plan type is CamPlusLite, enable person detection switch under Notifications. C’mon people!

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Google keeps trying to be like them too. It has gradually made Android nearly unusable.

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Google absolutely sucks, Assistant is an out of control trash fire and it just gotten worse and worse over the past 6 years ,just like Google search and almost every other Google product and service , it’s like they are deliberately trying to make ever single one of their products and services totally unusable .

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Did I mention how they are about to break all IMAP clients that can’t use OAUTH2? It’s a royal pain and unnecessary. It really forces people back to the official GMail client.

And I still miss mass storage mode. :frowning: