Delete CamPLUS 2 week trial - person detection issues

I have person detection on all my v2 cams. Installed first v3 and it came with 2 weeks free cam plus. Since this cam is at the front door I was actually going to sign up. But person detection does not show up in the menu to turn on for recording or notifications even though the v3 cam has the checkbox activated.

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting (uncheck and click activate, recheck and click activate, check firmware, unplug camera). Not fixed. I’ve opened 3 support tickets over the days and Wyze finally responded to one. I submitted a log and have heard nothing back. Support said they don’t read logs and now that I’ve submitted a log it is out of their hands waiting for a tech engineer.

In the meantime I’ve found many other posts from people similar with v3 cam and no PD even tho they have cam plus. Can Wyze acknowledge the bug? Can you just turn off cam plus as there is no way for me to actually deactivate it. Even if I uncheck the camera and click “apply” it stays on for that cam. I’d like to turn it off so it would blend in to the rest of my cams with PD.

Mild rant follows…
Overall this v3 has been a pretty terrible experience. I was super excited to get the v3. I was pretty excited to try cam plus. I would have definitely signed for a year. But this total lack of follow through, acknowledgement, etc… I have some doorbells coming. Not even sure I want them if the company can’t deliver.

How can I trust you to lock my home? How can I trust you to heat it? If I cannot get help or if stuff just doesn’t work. Security after you left an open s3 bucket last year? This has sort of turned into a mild rant but this is how loyal customers are lost as the ecosystem trust is broken. I can’t get Wyze can to stream on my Lenovo Google display. So now the doorbells probably won’t either. Again lots of posts about this with no resolution.

Wyze is losing me on the ABCs of trust.
A - Ability - I think Wyze is demonstrating difficulty delivering. They are losing ability.
B - believability - I don’t believe any more. I used to buy each neely released product but now really don’t believe you’ll be able to deliver. This is because for me you haven’t on multiple issues.
C - connected - your support avenue should be the most connected but it is delayed and the staff don’t have the technical expertise to help.
D - demonstration - in the past support has been fast and solid. But now it is nowhere close.

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No, that’s probably never going to happen. The V3 is not supposed to enjoy the legacy person detection on your account. That’s only for V2s and Pan Cam.

I have had person detection not working on one of my cameras. It’s been about 2-3 months. I sent them more logs, screenshots then you can imagine.