Person detection on outdoor cam

I was hoping someone could help me because no one else seems to know. So I have an outdoor and a v2 camera. I can’t figure out how to use Alexa to detect a person using her routines. I Cam for the v2 computer not the out door Cam. HELP its driving me insane.

question, do you have CamPlus for these camera’s?

I just checked mine and it appears that only the Cameras with CamPlus provides the Person detection ability. The ones which don’t does not provide the Person Detection, says it needs to have an upgraded Wyze Plan.

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Yes I do. I have all of my cams on plus. I do have the option for AI but when I go to make a routine on Alexa it says something like go to the Wyze app to enable Person Detection. ???

I know it took sometime before all of my cameras had this ability. Have you tried removing one camera from Alexa, then in Alexa, add it back in again?

In Alexa go to the Plus sign in the top right, then select Add a Device, Scroll all te way down and choose other, then click on Discover Devices and once found, see if you can create a routine.

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Welcome to the forums! You did add the Alexa skill for Wyze first right?

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Yeah done it all. Multiple times.

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All I can say is to be patient. I know this is not what you want to hear. I only had the ability on 2 cameras and then one day, all the others started to work. Not sure how long it took

Well I hope it happens for me lol thanks for your advice. Have a great day

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you too