Person detection announcement not available in Alexa app

On my Alexa app, the option to enable person detection notifications on my Echo devices is disabled on some v2 devices with PD - it says that I may need to upgrade my Wyze plan.

The cameras I am trying to add this to are v2s with Camplus Lite active and assigned to all of those cameras (the option for Person detection notification shows up in the Wyze app itself and event history videos show the Person tag correctly).

I have a v3 with Camplus and for that one the person detection option in the Alexa app is available - I tried swapping the Camplus licence to the v2 and then the Person Detection option in the Alexa appbecomes available, but if I switch the v2 back to Camplus Lite then it becomes greyed out again.

So it seems like Alexa isn’t picking up on the PD option on the Camplus Lite? It used to be available but now it seems to be greyed out…I was on the free PD pilot program before it converted to Camplus Lite, if that has any effect. Any suggestions would be appreciated TIA!

We’ve been discussing this over here:


It seems there is a bug related to Alexa and Cam Plus Lite at the moment. :frowning:

Not sure if there is a consistent resolution, but you can check out the above thread and see what we’ve been thinking and trying.


Oh thanks @carverofchoice for the quick reply and that reference. At least it’s not just me then…I’ll pop over to that other thread and probably chime in there!