Lost Alexa Announcement for Outdoor Cameras

I recently lost person detection Alexa announcements from all my Outdoor cameras (rechargeable cameras). I have double-checked my settings in both the Wyze app as well as the Alexa app and I have everything enabled. My CamPlus are all valid and paid too. However, about a week ago I stopped receiving person detection announcements on all my Alexa devices (four total), but the cameras are picking up activity and recording the videos which should kick off the announcements. I removed and re-added the cameras in the Alexa app, but that did nothing either. I’m at a loss for ideas and don’t really want to reset the cameras to see if that route would work Suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

Have you disabled then re-enabled/relinked up the Wyze skill within Alexa?


You may also need to tell Alexa *discover". I just had to do that after re-enabling PD on an old camera.

What does it show for your cameras under Alexa, Devices, Cameras?