Half my cameras connected to Alexa stopped announcing "Person Detected At...."

After the latest firmware update both my Cam v2 & one PanCam v2 have stopped announcing "Person Detected At… through Alexa. My 2 Cam v3 are not affected. All setting are identical on all cameras. The entire network & all cams have been rebooted to no avail.

Many have found AI issues after the updates. Since Alexa is dependant on this AI, she will be affected too.

Most have found a solution in resetting their CamPlus assignment.

Unassign the cam from CP, close and reopen, reassign the cam to CP and test to see if PD AI returns.

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Thx, I’ll give it a shot. Will let you know the outcome.

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You could also try running the routine locally from your Alexa app. I have Ring setup to notify on Alexa (both tightly integrated Amazon apps) and the routine just stopped working for a few days.
Check your Wyze app event log too - see if it’s recording AI events properly (Cam Plus is working)

Delete the routines and recreate it for the cams if nothing else works. Software is hard. Integrating software events across two competing companies is rarely 100% reliable.

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Running a user built routine just for Person Detection Announcements would be redundant to the native Person Detection Announcement setting on Wyze Cams within Alexa settings unless you want her to say something other than her canned announcement. But, it does have the added benefit of adding additional task actions to the announcement.

Either way, both are still dependant on the Wyze Cam recording a Person AI event. And, Amazon has broken Alexa before. That leaves a lot of room for troubleshooting on both sides.

Ack, my bad, i was only aware of the user routine for doorbell press - i hadn’t even found the motion Announcements options hidden under camera settings in Alexa!

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Yes. In my own experience the camera setting worked a lot more reliably than doing it in a routine. (Though there’s no good reason this should be the case.)

Sorry, been out of town for a while, but your recommendation to reset the CamPlus assignment did the trick. All back to normal now. Thanks for the info.

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Awesome! You are quite welcome. It was my pleasure!