Wyze Cam Pan Person Detection

So I’ve noticed at least every two weeks my Cam Pan randomly stops detecting a person. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s triggered so much (my girlfriend works from home) but i had a full day of sound detection in the most recent scenario; it shows the video in sound detection but won’t notify me of a person until I unplug it and plug it back in.

Are you receiving PD alerts from the camera in the Wyze app?

I had a similar, but probably unrelated issue, but the PD still generated alerts in the Wyze app, but on the Alexa side, All my cameras would simply stop being recognized as PD cameras, so all routines using the PD ability in Alexa routines would simply break as the cameras were no longer seen as PD capable.

I am in the PD program, not the CMC.

If it is on the Alexa side, a temporary work around is to rename the cameras in the Wyze app and the PD instantly works again in Alexa.

Unfortunately, this only lasts a couple days at best, before once again losing PD ability again. Rename again and repeat…

Wyze had no solutions, Amazon started a three way call with Wyze Wizards, but the wizard had apparently lost his magic touch as no solution was found. That’s been four weeks, no updates…

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No I wasn’t getting any PD alerts, they were all SD alerts. I don’t have any Alexa or google devices either

Only other thing I would check is the settings on the motion detection. Their process seems to be triggered event by motion, push image to AWS for image analysis, and push either a PD or motion event based on the analysis.

If the initial trigger fails due to setting the sensitivity too low (or off) then I could see the process fail.

Unfortunately, since Wyze continues to develop a closed, bastardized protocol that is incompatible with automation standards, and seem to believe that stringing along their user base by implying that their “looking at, talking about, thinking of possibly maybe someday might just look at that seriously” while pumping disparate beta level rebranded devices out as quickly as they can find a device in the Chinese market that can provide another influx of capital for their corporate investors, well here we are.

Yeah my motion detection stays off due to the fact that when people circle around my parking lot their headlights shine thru and trigger MD. That’s for the support though.