Wyze Cam Pan - Person Detection sending all motion events

Hi, I’m new here but have had Wyze cams for some time.

I have had a series of about 8 wyze Cam v2’s installed in multiple homes with my family, and have only just recently purchased a Wyze Cam Pan. I installed it about a week ago, and mimicked all the notification settings I use on the Wyze Came v2’s. I set:

Detects Motion: On
Send Notifications: On
Person: On
All other motion: Off
(Firmware is current:

This works well for us on all the cameras. Having these settings, we are able to get notifications only when a “Person” is detected. Obviously there’s animals and other things that get captured and notified every now and then, but it is minor and much better than constant notifications all day of every leaf that moves.

When I first setup the Pan Cam, it also worked well with person detection. Very minimal notifications and only people. For example, yesterday and day before I received 0 and 3 notifications, respectively (only people). However, starting today (1 week after install), I have received 34 notifications, which are only of shadows/leaves/etc. Note: all other cameras are the Wyze Cam v2’s and on the current firmware for those,

So even though person detection is on, it is not using it at all. It is just sending all motion notifications through. Also, it will tag each notification with “Person”, so I am wondering if the problem is server-side on Wyze’s end.

I attempted a few restarts to fix the issue, but it has not been successful.

Is anyone else experiencing this? And has anyone had success getting the Person Detection notifications back to only detecting people?

Hi just checking in. The notifications seemed to have slowed back down, so I’m confident it was something on the Wyze end with person detection.