Push Notifications For Person Detection

Hi everyone!! I have the Wyze Cam (the little white box with folding legs). If I set it up to receive motion notification I get notified every time a bug flies across the room. If I set it on person detection and take motion off you can dance in front of camera with the lights on and it will never send a push notification although the event is recorded. I really need this thing to work. If I need to upgrade to something more expensive that’s fine but please tell me one that works well with people and not bugs.

Does it record the Event as Motion or Person?


Welcome to the forums! Do you have the person detection under “Wyze service” enabled for that camera AND “person” enabled under notifications? Like Angus stated, do your events have the walking person icon next to it? Do you know about the 5 minute event cool down period for cloud clips?

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Honestly I don’t know how to tell how to tell.

Thanks and yes I have person enabled under both. I don’t know about the walking person icon. I will look for it.

A person notification will specify that a person was detected

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