Person detection not working, no notification

i have cam plus and assigned as you can see in SS.

Have person detection on and notification on for person detection too but I am getting no notification sound or anything on my phone when a person is detected.
When I look back on recorded videos, they all show MOTIONs

and the persons don’t show person. When I highlight person on, it shows no videos.

How can you tell that a person is not being detected? It’s possible that no person is detected even when it should. Happens to me, too, much more frequently lately.

Yes when I go to events and watch videos I see people detected which as me and my family going out and coming in to the house . But these videos events are showing as motions and not as person. I wanted person detection not just motions . Also I am getting no notifications ring or sound on my phone when a person is detected . I do have notification turned on . Look at screenshot . Thanks

YOU detect them as person, but not the Wyze algorythm.

Looks like you have notifications on. But still need to toggle the smart AI notification toggle.

But now you need AI tagged events to be able to get the person notification. By this:

Is that the green box around the motion, which just happened to be a person? That’s just detected pixel change being indicated by a green box. In your case. The pixel change happens to be a person. The AI doesn’t look at the event until it hits the cloud. That’s where it analyzes the event for recognized objects, wether stationary or in motion. The non AI tag for a clear person in the frame is concerning. Can you post an event that has a person. But is not being tagged as a person in the AI tags?

Events on my end with person tags.