Person Detected Event Recording?

I have 3 cameras and one is not detecting On Person settings to record or sending notifications, the others are working ok. All have same settings. what can I do to reset it. If I set to motion i get notifications.

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If motion detection is not turned on the camera will not detect motion and you will not get event recordings or notifications.
Also , Person Detection relies on the camera having Motion Detection turned on, so , Motion Detection must be tuned on for Person Detection to work.
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Wyze Cam Features

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all that are turn on.

Do any of your cameras have a bridge installed?

No, it was working till the last update. i have turn on under NOTIFICATIONS , PERSON -ON, ALL OTHER MOTION-on, i get notification for motion , but not for Person.

What is the app version installed on your device?

v2.5,53 - Iphone- but the other cameras working ok, the only other item I did on this camera before was to set a Schedule for Notifications only during the day to test something and it was reset in a day to “All day”,

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since I check everything and was not working, i decide to delete the app and reinstall . after doing that and verify options for person only notifications is working again. Now is working like all the other cameras i have. have no idea why is working now.

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