Person Detection not working - iOS

Signed up for People Detection yesterday. Made sure motion detection was turned on, notifications were turned on and made sure the setting for notifications on my phone were still on. I haven’t received any alerts. I even went outside and jumped around for abit in front of my camera. Still nothing. What else can be the problem?

Latest firmware is installed on both my cameras and I have the latest app downloaded as well.

Make sure that person detection is enabled in the camera(s) settings.

Yes it’s turned on.

Have you tried disabling and enabling it again?

Yes I’ve tried that. I am getting zero notifications for person or motion detection.

Does the little have the :zzz: on it? Make sure it doesn’t.
If that doesn’t work try deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app.

I do not see a ZZZ icon. Deleting app.

Nope. Nothing. In active subscriptions Person Detection says (Pilot) next to it. Is that correct?

You have to subscribe to Cam Plus.
Pilot person detection is over.

I’m already subscribed! Sorry not yelling at you…I’m just annoyed. I already signed up for the Person Detection. I am starring at it in my Billing section. I am getting the choice to name my price and that is what I chose. Is that the issue?

No, that should not be an issue.
I would contact Wyze support.

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