Cam Plus person detection not working

My person detection has stopped working on all 4 of my cameras. My subscription is still active. I have logged out of the app and logged back in and even followed a post on what to do if it stops working with no avail. They will show motion but no longer recognize a person or notify me of AL events. It didn’t work at all yesterday and still isn’t working today. I’m waiting for support to open but does anyone have any suggestions or is this happening to anyone else?

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I’ve lost mine too. If you go to your events page and filter all the events to only show person detections it’s completely blank for the past 2 days.

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Me too. No person detection on V2 cameras. Last person detection was April 8th 6:13PM

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My person detection on my V3 is not working either and yes it is turned on, everything is listed as motion and on top of that I don’t get any notifications of anything from the V3. All 4 WCO are working fine ???

iOS app 2.19.22 and firmware

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I’m not getting any notification on any of my 4 cameras. Haven’t for the last 2 or 3 days.

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Having exact same issue. Updated wyze app on iOS 2 days ago. No person detection and all persons are showing under motion events. I usually keep motion off on CAMPLUS due to heavy traffic flow.

Ridiculous and starting to get tired of updates messing everything up. Paying for 4 cameras. Has anyone made contact with WYZE yet?

Thank you


I normally have all other motion turned off also because the notifications never stopped also due to heavy traffic. I turned it on again today and walked around in front of the V3 for a few minutes. The event video was recorded but zero notifications. If I walk past one of my WCO I get a notification in one to three seconds.

I was on the phone with tech support for 50 minutes and nothing worked. They are running it up to tier 2.

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Just coming to post same thing.

Despite it happening around the time I updated the app, I dont believe its related as Alexa is no longer alerting for people as well.

Booting an old ipad now with old app version to confirm…

Additionally have tried switching camplus to different cameras and that has no effect.

EDIT: as expected ipad is on 2.17.32 and shows same. getting extended recordings but no wyze ai detection. (and I tested new events by walking in front of the cameras)
Unless updating the app changed something on the server side.

Additionally, this only effects camplus, cameras on legacy person detection are still operating as expected. (and this includes a camera that I had on camplus and switched back to check, so it’s not a hardware issue)

log 179069 so I don’t lose the number… lol

my newest camplus wyze ai notification was 7:17pm (eastern) on 4/8

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Thinking the same thing…Android and IOS app were updated on April 8th. The same time “person” detection stopped working.

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Person Detection on my five V2 cameras also stopped working. My subscription still active, I’ve Forced Stop, restarted, etc.

Is there a system issue with Person Detection?

I have 3 V2 with Cam Plus. I’m not getting any phone notifications and if I go into the app, there are notifications but person detection & vehicle detection is not working. Started this morning 9am est.

I have not update to the latest version of the ios app.

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me too. No notifications from any of my camera’s in the last day or so. Motion triggered “events” get recorded, but I don’t get notifications on either Android or iOS…


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Can we get this escalated or at least release a message telling us y’all are already aware and working on it.


Me, too! I’ve been messing with it all day to try and get it to work. On iOS. All cameras and apps up to date. No AI events and my Cam Plus cameras weren’t pushing any notifications - non-Cam Plus were. I left cameras unplugged for a long time and am now getting notifications again, but not AI. I didn’t update my phone app until this morning and that’s when it stopped working. Annoying, but I’m happy to know it’s not just me.

Edited to add: Actually, it stopped working BEFORE I updated my phone app. The AI always picks up my dogs as people. At 8:14am central time I got 23 seconds of person detection recording. At 8:15am I got 23 seconds of motion that should have been detected as person (dog) and it hasn’t worked properly since.


O850 EST this morning was the last person event. All other people are now under motion.


Well you know things are not good when you have to use a WCO to view the same area as a V3 just to get event notifications which is what I just did. :confused:

I was just about to post my 2 wco havent recorded anything all day and as I start to write this, I just got 2 notifications from 5hrs ago. Talk about lag and timing!

I have issues with cam plus and wco just about weekly and support keeps having me do the same things every time I report a log. Waste of time.

not sure if the same issue or unrelated happening at same time, but others are reporting the bad lag as well.

(no rhyme or reason that I can find as to who is having what issue :confused: )

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I agree. Something is definately up